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High blood pressure life insurance

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We are often asked “Can I get life insurance with high blood pressure?”

Thankfully the answer is usually yes.

It’s rare that life cover applicants come to us with a completely clean bill of health, in fact the majority of applicants will have had some sort of medical condition at some point in their lives. A period of high blood pressure (also known as hypertension) is a common condition especially for those over the age of 40 – in fact, one in three adults in the UK has high blood pressure.

When it comes to life insurance, hypertension is something many advisors are not familiar with, and can struggle to arrange the right policies for their customers. We see all too often, where customers have been to the companies that would either rate the policy to higher premiums than others, or worse decline cover altogether. It’s really important you speak to someone who handles these enquiries and arranges this type of policy every day.

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High Bp Definition

High Bp Definition

The heart pumps blood around the body at a certain pressure, on every stroke blood presses against artery walls and it is this action that can be measured. These arteries and the heart can be under strain when this pressure gets high, leaving sufferers at risk of a heart attack or stroke. Pressure is measured as Systolic (pressure on heartbeat) or Diastolic (pressure between beats), and a reading of 130/80mmHg is a typical ‘normal’ measurement. Typically, anyone with raised blood pressure recorded in the last 5 years needs to inform their insurer on application. If the condition was recorded over 5 years ago and readings have been normal since, then this does not usually factor in underwriting decisions.

What questions are likely to be asked?

In order to apply for life insurance for high blood pressure, most insurers will need to know:

  1. The types of medication (if any) taken
  2. How regularly your blood pressure is checked
  3. The results and date of your most recent test
  4. If you are waiting for any check-ups/ results
  5. If you have had any other related medical conditions

The charts below give you a rough idea what can be possible depending on the different blood pressure readings you have. For life insurance with well-maintained blood pressure, it may be possible to obtain standard rates and terms, whereas anyone with poor readings is likely to have increased premiums, exclusions from the policy benefits, a postponement, or even a decline for cover in extreme cases. The figures differ insurer to insurer so this is not meant to be exact, just ball-park figures based on general insurer underwriting criteria. For exact quotations specific to you, please make an enquiry and a specialist can process things for you.

Once your advisor has submitted an application, the insurer may well request further information from your GP. This often happens for anyone with a pre-existing medical condition, and for the following reasons if you have high blood pressure:

  • Blood pressure is in the higher range
  • If you have been admitted to hospital in the past 12 months
  • If you’ve had an ECG scan that has needed further investigation
  • If you have high body mass index (BMI)
  • If there is a history of any diabetes


Well maintained high blood pressure and life insurance

In many cases, there are insurers who will offer policies on standard terms for those who have well managed blood pressure, whether medicated or not. The exact terms will always be depending on your age, your recent mmHg readings, and the type of cover you are applying for.

Blood pressure readings



Moderately maintained blood pressure and life insurance

Blood pressure readings mid
*NOTE: “Loading” is where the premium quoted before the medical questionnaire is completed, is increased.


Poorly maintained blood pressure and life insurance

If readings are above the limits, there may still be an insurer out there for you, all be it at higher rates than the standard high street insurers. This will depend entirely on your situation and your budget. The other alternative (for anyone over the age of 50) is insurance with no medical underwriting whatsoever – this is guaranteed cover for anyone who applies, irrespective of their health background. There are limits on the amount of cover you can take but something is often better than nothing.

Blood pressure readings high



Uncontrolled blood pressure and life insurance

Unfortunately not everyone will be eligible for cover. If your blood pressure readings are way over the norm – high levels at the time of application, then it’s likely you’ll be postponed cover until your Bp is back down and maintained within normal levels, or possibly declined for cover altogether. In this event, there are still specialist insurers that can consider declined applications for those that are still interested in protection, but it is highly likely the monthly premiums will be far higher than the standard high blood pressure insurers.

Uncontrolled Blood pressure readings


Implications of other health issues on life insurance

Other conditions outside of the high blood pressure, whether related or not, will be reviewed by the insurer thoroughly to establish their impact on the insurance risk. Severe issues will clearly have more impact than smaller / temporary issues.

Other areas that are likely to cause either an increase in the monthly premium, exclusion from the policy benefits, or both are if you have:

  • Raised cholesterol
  • Protein in the urine
  • Diabetes
  • High body mass index (BMI)
  • A history of heart related issues in the family


High blood pressure life insurance quote

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