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Life insurance for people working at heights

Pete Mugleston, mortgage & insurance advisor
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There’s a wide range of occupations that would be considered ‘risky’ by insurers. People who work at heights are often declined for life insurance, offered terms that exclude cover for certain activities, or have their premiums increase – particularly if the maximum or average heights they work at are over certain thresholds (explained below).

Thankfully every insurer is different, and there are providers that specialise in such policies, some offering market leading products at no extra cost whatsoever, with no restrictions on how high you happen to work.

Occupation types that can be eligible:

  • Life insurance for tree surgeons
  • Life insurance for scaffolders
  • Life insurance for builders
  • Life insurance for cherry pickers
  • Life insurance for engineers working at heights
  • Life insurance for absailers
  • Life insurance for oil rig engineers
  • Life insurance for crane operators
  • Life insurance for sign fitters
  • Life insurance for window cleaners
  • Life insurance for commercial window cleaners
  • Life insurance for glass /window fitters
  • Life insurance for roofers
  • Pretty much anyone at ANY height!


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How to get life insurance when working at heights

Although the specialist insurers don’t penalise or restrict applicants just for working at heights, this does not mean other risk factors are ignored. In instances where the job also involves dangerous activities such as diving / use of explosives etc, these are also taken into consideration at the point of underwriting.

Further information the insurer will likely need to know:

  • The maximum height you work
  • The average height you work
  • Are you on a construction site
  • % of Manual work involved in your day-to-day activities
  • The specific industry you work in
  • Exact duties and responsibilities for your specific role

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There may well be some additional information required for more high risk occupations where working at heights comes hand in hand with other dangerous activities, for example oil rig engineers are likely to be asked:

  • Location / country of normal place of work.
  • Future place (gulf / north sea etc.)
  • % time spent offshore
  • How do you travel to and from the rig?
  • Does the job involve diving?
  • Does the job involve use of explosives?


Cost of life insurance when working at heights

As mentioned many insurers will increase monthly costs for applicants working above certain maximum and average heights, whereas others offer cover on standard rates. Where these thresholds lie differs insurer to insurer, and the amount to which premiums increase can also differ. Some penalise applicants working over 10 meters, some 15 meters, and then there some that have no upper limits whatsoever – offering normal policies to anyone working at any height.

Cost of Insurance when working at heights


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