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New Bankruptcy & IVA Exclusives

I’m genuinely delighted to announce that many of OMA’s affiliated expert adverse credit mortgage brokers have been selected as part of an exclusive club of specialists, gaining access to an exclusive range of products.

This is great for brokers – even better for our borrowers, who may be finding us for the first time or are already under management, as many will be eligible far sooner than they ever thought possible! We have been helping people with a history of bankruptcy or  IVA for years now, but these new criteria improvements that have been in the pipeline for some time, now make it an incredible time for those looking to buy or remortgage.


So what’s new?

There are now new lenders offering refinance or purchase mortgages up to 75% LTV even if only discharged from Bankruptcy 1 year ago, or currently in an IVA. The amount of equity / deposit required for these products is now 20% to those 2 years discharged, 10% at 3 years, and 5% over 4 years.

  Current issue 1 year discharge 2 year discharge 3 year discharge 4 year discharge 5 year discharge 6 year discharge
Bankruptcy Loan to repay only* 75% LTV 80% LTV 90% LTV 95% LTV 95% LTV 95% LTV
Debt Relief Order (DRO) Loan to repay only* 75% LTV 80% LTV 90% LTV 95% LTV 95% LTV 95% LTV
IVA 70% LTV 75% LTV 80% LTV 85% LTV 85% LTV 95% LTV 95% LTV

*It can be possible to mortgage whilst currently in bankruptcy, or before 1 years full discharge, however this relates only to those who have the equity in their property to full repay and annul the order. This is usually capped at around 70% LTV. More on this in our bankruptcy article here.


Check if you Qualify

Click here to complete the enquiry form, and one of the experts will review your application and let you know!


Other important criteria accepted

  • Current mortgage arrears
  • Recent defaults and Late payments on unsecured debt
  • Recent CCJs accepted
  • Payday loans accepted if over 12 months old


Want to apply before you’re eligible? Not a problem!

As part of the arrangement, so long as you are eligible before you complete on the mortgage, you can apply early! This means that borrowers who are, for example, 9 months after discharge on a bankruptcy, can apply today with just 30% deposit, on the basis that their transaction doesn’t complete until the full 12 months is up.


Other benefits

As part of the exclusive club, OMA affiliated brokers will have access to dedicated senior underwriting and processing support and enhanced service, to ensure a smooth and swift application.


Want to check if you’re eligible?

Make an enquiry by giving us a call on 0800 304 7880, or completing our enquiry form here:


About Pete Mugleston

Pete is our top financial expert, involved in writing, training and speaking all things mortgages. His presence in the industry as the 'go-to' for specialist finance continues to grow, and he is regularly cited in and writes for publications both locally and nationally. Pete's range of experience covers all manner of areas, in particular mortgages for people with adverse credit, the self-employed, and buy to let investors, as well as specialist types of insurance such as business protection cover for those with pre-existing medical conditions.


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