9 Easy DIY Halloween Ideas

9 Easy DIY Halloween Ideas
Jo Middleton

Author: Jo Middleton - Content Writer

Updated: May 2, 2023

Halloween is just around the corner and what better excuse to forget about the doom and gloom of the real world and have a bit of spooky fun? We’ve pulled together nine spooktactular DIY ideas that are guaranteed to be a scream this Halloween…

Bin bag spider webs

If you were a child of the ‘80s and your parents’ idea of a Halloween costume was to cut head and arm holes in a bin liner for you, then you’ll appreciate the nostalgic vibe of these giant spider webs. You basically use the black plastic to cut out giant doilies, but there are full instructions here if you fancy a flashback to your childhood.

Recycled ghosts

Before you throw those empty tin cans into the recycling, consider turning them into spooky ghosts instead, that you can hang around the house or from the trees in your garden. Simply paint the cans white, draw on ghost faces, and add long scraps of white fabric around the base – here’s how to do it.

Easy glitzy pumpkins

If the idea of scooping and carving endless pumpkins leaves you cold then how about a metallic makeover? Grab a can of spray paint from any DIY store in a shiny gold or copper colour and simply spray your pumpkins all over. This works especially well with a collection of various shapes and sizes and a couple of different colours.

Candlelit Halloween dinner

While you’re in the mood for spray painting, try creating some simple but effective Halloween candles by spraying different empty wine bottles with matt black paint and adding orange tapered candles. Super easy, but very striking, especially arranged in groups or on windowsills, visible to passing trick or treaters.

Get dressed up

Halloween is the perfect excuse for dusting off those costumes from the back of the wardrobe, and there really is no limit to how creative you can get, especially if you love a pun, as these Halloween dressing up ideas show. Start saving those empty cornflake boxes now and you could make your very own cereal killer costume. (We’re not even sorry.)

Ghostly lollipops

If you want to make your cheap kids’ lollipops look like something extra special then how about turning them into teeny tiny ghosts? All you have to do is cut some squares of white cotton, tie one over each lollipop, securing with a little string, and draw on a couple of eyes so they look like these.

Make your own witches fingers

If you want to give trick or treaters a real scare, forget Haribo and try offering them some homemade witches finger breadsticks. These from A Mummy Too are wonderfully gruesome, or if you want a shortcut, get a box of sesame seed breadsticks, half coat them in melted white chocolate with a little green food colouring, and stick on flaked almonds for finger nails.

Do some Halloween baking

If you prefer your Halloween treats a little sweeter and less knobly, then the internet is awash with Halloween baking ideas. For entry level Halloween bakes simply make a batch of fairy cakes with added spooky coloured food dyes and set kids to work with icing pens and sprinkles. If you’re feeling more adventurous we like this Halloween slash cake or these vampire teeth cookies.

Halloween mocktails and cocktails

If you’re catering for children then you can’t go wrong with these ‘eyeball snot-tails’. Made with whisked lime jelly and garnished with tinned lychee eyeballs they are truly gruesome. Personally we’re thinking we might stick with a vampire’s kiss, made with vodka, raspberry liqueur and champagne, with a red sugar rim if you’re feeling fancy.

After a few of those you might be looking scary the next morning too.

Happy Halloween!

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