OMA® National Advisor Awards 2020

OMA® National Advisor Awards 2020
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Pete Mugleston

Author: Pete Mugleston

Mortgage Advisor, MD

Updated: March 18, 2024

Wow is it that time of year already?!

For many 2020 seems to have flown by, whilst others locked down on furlough have endured one of the longest and most turbulent challenges the country has faced for ages.

The world of mortgages has itself been a bumpy ride, with the 3 month national lockdown and sudo-closure of the market, overnight contrasted to the other extreme, at times the total chaos of stamp duty break causing the highest demand for property in years.

This is why we feel that the 2020 Awards will see some of the most well earned performances from advisors since we started running the official OMA® National Advisor Awards 5 years ago.

We’re incredibly grateful to all the OMA®Experts for their hard work helping tens of thousands of customers this year, and are delighted to share the list of finalists for each award category here.

Thanks to all our firms, advisors, and of course our customers for what has been a magnificent show of stamina and resilience by all.

Thanks also to our sponsors, Bluestone Mortgages, Kensington Mortgages, Fluent Money, Criteria Hub & Mortgage Brain – without their support we wouldn’t have had much of an awards show this  year, and we are delighted to say that because of them, our chosen charity Mercy Hands Uganda will be funded again this year and we’ll be live streaming the show in a pretty unique fashion, with some very special guests – more details coming soon!!!


Pete, MD at OMA®

Best Mortgage Broker – Finalists

  • Aaron Forster
  • Ben Atkinson
  • Ben Patten
  • Brett Cocking
  • Chris Kenny
  • Darren Law
  • David Howlett
  • Gindy Mathoon
  • Jason Pulsford
  • Sheridan Repton

Best New Mortgage Broker – Finalists

  • Alex Ford
  • Chris Warner
  • Damien Smith
  • Daniel Wenham
  • Darren Hopkinson
  • Darren Smith
  • David Tickner
  • Matthew Jackson
  • Nathan Blute
  • Viresh Chauhan

Best Protection Advisor – Finalists

  • Ben Patten
  • Darren Law
  • Jason Harris
  • Javier De Diego
  • Luke Grosse
  • Narinder Dhoot
  • Nick Gill
  • Paul Clark
  • Richard Webster
  • Russell Birtles
  • Simrat Mudher
  • Steve Arnold

Best Customer Reviews (OMA®AdvisorScore) – Finalists

  • Darren Hopkinson
  • Darren Law
  • Darren Smith
  • David Tickner
  • Jason pulsford
  • Joanne Jones
  • Lorna Morton
  • Luke Grosse
  • Steve Arnold
  • Steve Hatton

Best Company – Finalists

  • Clover Financial Solutions
  • Create Finance
  • Finance Advice Centre
  • Knight Shaw Finance
  • LB Financial Solutions
  • Mortgage Experience
  • Teeside Money
  • UK Adviser
  • View Finance
  • Wenham Mortgages

NOTE: This year our awards has it’s own website, be sure to check it out!

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