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Increased stamp duty on buy-to-let and second properties

Property investors were dealt a blow when George Osborne announced in his Autumn budget that anyone buying second homes or buy-to-let…

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The Mortgage Market Review – What’s it all about?

In an aim to ensure borrowers are not offered loans they cannot afford, new mortgage rules came into force in…

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Using retained net profit figure towards income when applying for a mortgage

Hi, One of the biggest issues self-employed borrowers come across is finding the right advice when it comes to affordability,…

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Stamp duty changes to benefit 98% of mortgage borrowers

As of December 4th 2014, 98% of homebuyers that have not already exchanged contracts will benefit from significant reductions in…

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Matt Talks To The Job Site About English Degrees

Matt gives is opinion on how having an English degree can impact a career in financial services. Have a read…

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Dave Talks About Customer Service To The Guardian

Dave talks to the guardian about the customer service at online mortgage advisor, and how our dedicated team service enquiries…

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Pete Talks About Flats For The Guardian

Pete talks to the guardian about lenders criteria on studio flats. Have a read through the guardian and if your interested…

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Pete Talks To The Jobsite

Pete Gives his opinions on working in financial services for would-be advisors considering their career options. Have a read through…

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Online Mortgage Advisor on Evolve Derby

The online mortgage advisor HQ works with Evolve Derby in association with Derby University. Visit their website to read our…

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