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What to do when you become an accidental landlord

A recent survey conducted by estate agency, YourMove, with 1,071 landlords across the UK revealed nearly half are ‘pension pot’...

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Mortgage rejection stats revealed

One in six (16%) mortgage holders have overcome being rejected for a mortgage in the past, highlighting that getting a...

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6 top tips for researching your new neighbourhood

It’s imperative that you research a neighbourhood before buying property there, although this should go without saying! Sometimes a property can be...

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129 home and DIY life hacks that will change your life

Time is precious, so why waste it? Watch and be amazed by these life hack videos, all full of useful,...

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10 key questions to ask when viewing a house

An estate agent (or homeowner) is legally obliged to inform potential buyersof material information that may affect an average consumer’s transactional...

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The Essential Moving House Checklist

Congratulations, you’re moving into a new home! While there’s plenty to celebrate, there’s also plenty to do before and after...

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The many ways a payday loan can ruin your life

What impact does a payday loan have on your life? You’d be amazed! We’ve created an infographic to highlight the many...

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How a 2nd Chance Mortgage Can Get You On The Property Ladder

If you’re reading this, the likelihood is that you’re desperate for a mortgage, but have been declined by one or...

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Uninhabitable properties – Can I get a mortgage on a property with no kitchen?

"Hi there, I’ve been declined by my bank, they class the property as uninhabitable as there’s no kitchen, can you...

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Mortgage myths keep Brits from new home dreams

New typologies unveil reality of getting a mortgage Property-focused Brits see owning a home as the pinnacle of success, with...

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Case Study Success Story: Melissa Evans

The Situation Melissa Evans (29) had been living in her rented three bed-roomed house in Stoke-On-Trent for four years, with...

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Case Study Success Story: Ben Link

The situation In February 2017, Ben Link (30) was asked to buy his current home in Cheltenham from his landlord...

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