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New Bankruptcy & IVA Exclusives

I'm genuinely delighted to announce that many of OMA's affiliated expert adverse credit mortgage brokers have been selected as part...

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Can I Get a Mortgage Using Company Profits Rather Than Drawings?

Hi Pete, I run my own business via a limited company. It’s going well but can’t get the mortgage I...

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Is flat pack property the answer to our housing shortage?

Initially introduced to combat the housing crisis after WWII, modular housing is slowly finding its way back into the UK...

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Fancy letting your home on Airbnb? Read up on the rules first

Home sharing website Airbnb has finally bowed to pressure and promised to crack down on London landlords breaking council rules...

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Divorce and Mortgages – What to Know

Around 42% of marriages end in divorce, according to the Office for National Statistics. So having to work out how a divorce...

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Four things no one tells you about buying a house

1. Plan to own it for a few years Buying a home probably the single, biggest financial purchase you will...

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Why Did I Climb Mount Kilimanjaro?

In support of a good friend of mine who's daughter sadly contracted meningitis and passed away, 18 of us decided...

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Eight questions your mortgage lender will ask – and why

The mortgage application process can often feel a little invasive. Sharing the innermost details of your finances and future life...

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The Mortgage Market Review – What’s it all about?

In an aim to ensure borrowers are not offered loans they cannot afford, new mortgage rules came into force in...

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Using retained net profit figure towards income when applying for a mortgage

Hi, One of the biggest issues self-employed borrowers come across is finding the right advice when it comes to affordability,...

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What’s the maximum number of mortgages I can have?

Important update*** In the autumn statement the government stated that they would be bringing in significant increases in stamp duty...

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What is the highest LTV on a buy to let?

Hi there, I would like to know how difficult it is to obtain a buy to let mortgage? I currently...

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