Case Study Success Story: Melissa Evans

Case Study Success Story: Melissa Evans
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Pete Mugleston

Author: Pete Mugleston

Mortgage Advisor, MD

Updated: March 18, 2024

The Situation

Melissa Evans (29) had been living in her rented three bed-roomed house in Stoke-On-Trent for four years, with her partner, their little boy aged three and her step-daughter, 17.

In November 2017, their landlord expressed an interest in selling the property. Melissa immediately felt dread. Just a few month’s prior, Melissa and her partner tried to get onto the property ladder, but their mortgage application was declined due to some adverse credit involving a missed credit card payment and a payday loan.

Melissa says: “When our landlord told us he wanted to sell, my confidence in our ability to get a mortgage was so low that offering to buy it ourselves just didn’t feel like an option. We received some bad advice when looking at getting a mortgage a few months before – we were told that a payday loan would help our credit score and therefore chances of getting a mortgage. We quickly learned this wasn’t the case and the advice we had been given had actually back fired and gone against us.

That as well as a missed credit card payment meant that I just assumed there wouldn’t be a lender out there who would help us and inevitably we’d have to move into another rented house.

What Happened

Faced with the prospect of upheaval and a house move just before Christmas, Melissa and her partner decided to try their luck again and started to look online at their options. Melissa came across Online Mortgage Advisor and sent an enquiry with details of the couple’s financial situation.

In a matter of hours, the couple were contacted by Online Mortgage Advisor and referred to a mortgage broker who told them that, based on the information that had been submitted, there would be half a dozen lenders who could help them.

Melissa continues: “The relief I felt hearing those words was huge. Being declined a mortgage had really knocked me. I felt so upset and trapped. I didn’t ever see a way of getting onto the property ladder and the situation had triggered anxiety and worry, thinking about our future. There were some days when I felt so low I couldn’t even face going to work.

Renting has its benefits and it has certainly helped us. But, we were at a stage in our lives where we needed to think about the future, about our family and put our money into an asset that might one day give us a return.

Online Mortgage Advisor referred the family to an approved broker who successfully secured a mortgage in a matter of weeks. Melissa and her partner managed to buy the house they were renting from their landlord – something they never thought possible.

In November 2017 we were faced with the prospect of a move over Christmas, more renting and a complete upheaval. Instead, thanks to Online Mortgage Advisor, we have managed to buy the house we love, keep our children settled in their home and we are finally on the property ladder. All in a matter of months, it happened so quickly!


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