Top Ten Interior Design Trends for 2021

Top Ten Interior Design Trends for 2021
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Updated: March 18, 2024

Whether you have just bought a new home and want to put your stamp on it, or you are in the process of renovating your property, or maybe you simply fancy a change, many of us turn to Instagram for inspiration. But which interior design style is most popular? Bold accents or muted tones? Rustic charm or modern minimalism?

To find out, we scoured through thousands of interior posts and hashtags on the popular photo sharing app to identify the top ten interior design trends for 2021.

Which interior design trend is the most popular?

1.Rustic décor (3,186,331 hashtags)

Photo credit: Alena Ozerova / Shutterstock

The rustic look is almost always a winner, which is why it comes as no surprise that this interior design trend tops the list in our Instagram study, by racking up more than three million hashtags on the app.

The key to nailing this interior design trend is the use of natural materials, namely reclaimed and unfinished woods and stones. Often, you’ll find this style in the form of tables, accent chairs, floorboards, and exposed beams and logs.

Whilst you won’t find modern furnishings and materials in this décor trend, contemporary rustic styles combine elements of the old and new for a fresh, light and grounded aesthetic – a trend that’s also on the rise.

2. Cottage core décor (1,471,555 hashtags)

Photo credit: kryzhov / Shutterstock

Cottage core is a nod to the traditional English countryside style, inspired by a romantic interpretation of rural life. The trend flooded social media in 2020, racking up more than one million hashtags on Instagram and earning a space in this year’s most popular interior trends list.

To successfully replicate this interior trend in your own home, opt for a muted pastel colour scheme, accompanied by vintage style prints like floral or check. Consider enhancing the space with natural elements like plants and flowers, as well as vintage vases and crockery.

3.Spa décor (690,872 hashtags)

Photo credit: Archi_Viz / Shutterstock

Heading to the spa is the ultimate place to eradicate all stress, so it’s no wonder people want to recreate the same feeling in their own bathrooms too. In fact, our study found that spa décor racked up an impressive 690,000 hashtags on Instagram, thus ranking as the third most popular interior design trend for 2021.

To replicate elements of this décor trend in your home, the key is to use wooden textures, whether it be through floorboards or wall cladding, to shelving or a bath rack. Induce peace and tranquility by introducing ambient light and pastel colours, not to mention a selection of your favourite candles for good measure.

4.  Home office décor (599,864 hashtags)

Photo credit: Africa Studio / Shutterstock

When it comes to home office design schemes, the possibilities are endless, which can be seen through more than half a million hashtags on Instagram! Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic the majority of the workforce is working from home, so there are plenty of home office décor inspiration to be found on the app.

When decorating your home office, it’s important to create a space that is comfortable and keeps you motivated. For some, this may be through incorporating pops of colour though accent walls, bright accessories or colourful storage solutions. On the other hand, others may prefer a simple, minimalist vibe, with white walls, plants, and cork accessories instead.

5. Postmodernism décor (210,704 hashtags)

Photo credit: Dimasik_sh / Shutterstock

Dating back the late 1900s, postmodern design embraces unconventional ideas with an emphasis on playful, artsy and extravagant style. Whilst it’s always been popular, this interior design trend has seen a resurgence of late, which may answer why we found more than 200,000 hashtags on Instagram for this décor trend.

To successfully nail this décor trend in your home, pair vibrant furniture with contrasting shades, creating a mishmash of colours, patterns and textures. Postmodern design incorporates various shapes too, so be sure to add these into your space through art, sculptures, or cushions.

6.    Stone décor (107,592 hashtags)

Photo credit: Jodie Johnson / Shutterstock

The stone trend has been around for some time because, when used in interiors, it lends a timeless and elegant vibe to spaces. As a result, it should come as no surprise that the stone trends make the top 10 interior design trends for 2021, bagging an impressive 107,000 hashtags on Instagram.

Incorporating stone elements into your interior is easy. From Italian marble, durable granite to rustic slate, each stone has its own unique appeal, and there is something for every home. These can be integrated into your interior as side tables, kitchen worktops or backsplashes, floor tiles, or even sink basins in the bathroom. The choices are endless.

7.    Japandi décor (40,256 hashtags)

Photo credit: Followtheflow / Shutterstock

Japandi is a fusion of Japanese rustic minimalism and Scandinavian functionality, to create an interior design trend focusing on simplicity, natural elements, and minimalism. Despite being a relatively new décor trend, this interior design style is clearly gaining momentum if social media is anything to go by, with 40,256 hashtags found on Instagram.

To play with this look, the key is to focus on natural materials, like unfinished wood or bamboo. Pair these materials with muted colours, pops of green, and bring the outdoors in by planting various plants into your home.

8.    Refined Curves (40,136 hashtags)

Photo credit: Archi_Viz / Shutterstock

Curved shapes were one of the biggest décor trends to grace the ‘60s, but the décor style has been given a new lease of life in recent years, as seen in the 40,136 hashtagged posts found on Instagram.

Those looking to incorporate this interior design style into their own homes should switch sofas, chairs and benches with ruler-straight lines and sleek contours for asymmetric shapes and playful curves. Consider complementing these statement furniture pieces with textured cushions and scallop accents, too.

9.    Beach House (16,037 hashtags)

Photo credit: / Shutterstock

Transport yourself to warmer climes and reminisce of tropical getaways by introducing the beach house décor trend into your home. Our analysis found that this interior design style has more than 16,000 hashtags on Instagram, thus earning a space in this year’s most popular interior trends list.

To imitate the beach house trend in your own home, start by introducing wooden furniture and accessories into your space. From there, consider adding pops of colour, such as green or blue hues, creating accents using palm leaf or bamboo designs, as well as adding plants – think oversized leaves of palms or ferns. The key is to bring the outside in.

10.    Rustic Minimalism (5,068 hashtags)

Photo credit: / Shutterstock

Racking up just over 5,000 hashtags on Instagram and rounding off the tenth most popular interior design trend of 2021 is rustic minimalism.

This décor trend incorporates two popular interior design styles: rustic and minimalism. Rustic interiors often utilise wood in varying forms, whereas minimalist interiors are kept clean and simple with not one single inch of clutter. Combined together, rustic minimalism creates a stylish, clean and minimalist space – think a monochromatic colour scheme with white walls – whilst also incorporating wooden accents, such as floorboards, exposed beams and shelves, to add character.


  • Online Mortgage collated pre-existing interior design articles and lists on the top 2021 design trends to look out for.
  • They then analysed each design on Instagram and totalled the hashtags to find out the most popular ten.
  • The data was collected on 4th January 2021 and is accurate as of then.

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