What is the Maximum Age You Can Be at the End of a Mortgage Term?

What is the Maximum Age You Can Be at the End of a Mortgage Term?
Mark Langshaw

Author: Mark Langshaw - Content Manager

Updated: May 3, 2023

Some mortgage providers have maximum age requirements and won’t lend to you if you’re a certain age at the time of application. Other mortgage lenders, however, set age limits for when the mortgage term ends.

Here you’ll learn what that limit is and what to do if you fall outside of this criteria.

What is the oldest you can be at the end of a mortgage term?

Mortgage lenders who set a maximum age for the end of the term won’t usually lend to anyone who will be aged between 70 and 85. This is because they are concerned about whether borrowers will have the means to make their mortgage payments in retirement.

It is more common for mortgage providers to set upper age limits for the time of application, and the median for this is around age 75, although some go higher.

Moreover, there are also lenders who apply age limits to the beginning and the end of the mortgage term, with a different cap for when it starts and finishes.

What to do if you fall outside of this criteria

The thing to keep in mind is that the age limits above do not apply to all mortgage lenders. They’re simply the average you will find across the market.

There are lenders with a higher appetite for risk who are perfectly happy to apply higher age limits that borrowers can be at the end of their mortgage term. In fact, there are mortgage providers who specialise in older borrowers and have no age limits whatsoever.

The difficulty is finding one of these lenders, as most high street banks and building societies do have age restrictions. Luckily, there are mortgage brokers whose area of expertise is later-life lending. They know exactly which lenders have flexible age limits and can help you find the ideal one for you – we can match you with one of these brokers for free!

Why use Online Mortgage Advisor?

Our mortgage-broker matching service is free to use and your initial consultation with an advisor will be free with no obligation to proceed. Not only can a lender who is flexible with age caps be tricky to find, many of them work exclusively through brokers.

What’s more, your advisor’s knowledge, experience and contacts in this field can significantly improve your chances of saving time and money in the long run.

Make an enquiry online and we’ll match you with a broker who can help you find a mortgage lender who is flexible with their age limits and a great fit for you.

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