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What’s the maximum number of mortgages I can have?

By Pete Mugleston

Published: 13th September 2013 Last updated: 24th March 2021

Important update***


In the autumn statement the government stated that they would be bringing in significant increases in stamp duty on Buy to Let and second properties in April 2016. Online Mortgage Advisor has already seen a significant increase in enquiries from customers wanting to get a property before the April 2016 deadline. On top of this lenders are already starting to tighten their criteria on Buy to Let mortgages making it harder to get approved.

If you want to get a mortgage agreement in place now so that you’re ready to beat the April deadline make an enquiry today. We will refer you on to a specialist who deals with these types of mortgages every day to give you the best chance of being accepted quickly at the best rates available to you.



Hi Pete, I want to know how many mortgages can I have? I was wondering if there’s a limit on the number of mortgages I can take out with every lender? I currently have 5 properties (1 no mortgage, 2 at Halifax, 2 at Birmingham Midshires) and went to Halifax to get a mortgage for my new house I’ve had an offer accepted on, but they declined me saying I had the maximum number of mortgages already. Then I went to Lloyds over the road and they said the same thing – I can only afford to buy it with a mortgage, so to get a mortgage will I have to sell a house?

Andy, Leicestershire

Hi Andy, thanks for your enquiry – it’s a good question! Multiple mortgages are one of our frequently asked questions, especially with many people looking to buy investment properties currently. The answer is yes, you can. In fact, in theory you can have as many mortgages as is affordable – some of our professional landlords have tens of mortgaged properties in the background.

How many mortgages you can have depends on the criteria of the lender you are applying with. Lloyds banking group (Lloyds TSB, Halifax, BM etc.) usually limit borrowers to 4 mortgages within the group – which I think is maybe why you have been declined. This is to prevent over-exposure to the risk of you defaulting on mass. The good news is however, many lenders cater for and even favour experienced landlords looking to buy new property and expand their portfolio or move their own main residence, and as such have much higher capacity for borrowing within their group, or even no limit at all.

To determine the best way forward for you, I’d need to know some more info regarding your situation, such as your age, your employment status and income, your current commitments, the equity in your properties, your rental income and monthly mortgage payments, the length of time you have been renting these properties, your credit history, and of course – the location, purchase price, and deposit details of the new property. If you could send this info across that would be great, and I can have a look at the best mortgages available to you.



Further to this enquiry, I have decided to create an additional mortgages FAQ for multiple mortgages, second properties, holiday homes etc. If you’d like to know more read it here, get in touch via our Quick enquiry form or call 0808 189 2301. If you’re ready to make an application or if you just have an enquiry, please fill out our quick form below and an expert will be in touch ASAP. If you require help immediate assistance please give us a call.

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