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Bad credit mortgages

Can I Get a Mortgage With a CCJ?

4th April 2019

Bad credit mortgages in Northern Ireland

16th April 2019

Across the UK, the range of lenders that accept ‘bad credit’ can vary depending on your location,the severity of your…

Can I get a mortgage if I have no credit score?

19th March 2019

Getting a mortgage with no credit history (thin credit files) Whether you’ve recently become resident in the UK, returned from…

Can I Get a Mortgage With a CCJ?

26th March 2019

Bad credit mortgages in Scotland

7th February 2019

Bad credit mortgages in Scotland We’ve helped hundreds of buyers in Scotland to get a mortgage with a bad credit,…

Getting a Mortgage With Credit Card Debt

12th April 2019

Can you get a mortgage with credit card debt? Some of the most common enquiries we receive are from customers…

Can I pay off my bankruptcy early?

13th January 2019

Customers with a bankruptcy on their file usually struggle to get credit and are often left out in the cold…

Repossession rescue

13th January 2019

“Can I refinance to avoid repossession? For homeowners who are currently behind (in arrears) on repayments and facing repossession, there…

Mortgage Credit Check

23rd November 2018

Credit checks for mortgages and their impact We get hundreds of people asking us about how mortgage credit checks work,…

Bad Credit Mortgage Lenders

4th January 2019

With a growing number of bad credit mortgage lenders in 2019 there has never been a better time to find…