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Buy to let mortgages

Buy To Let Lending Update

15th August 2017

This article is an updated guide to Buy To Let (BTL) lending and criteria, as experienced by expert BTL specialists…

Buy to Sell Mortgages

16th August 2017

Updated for 2017 | Preface by Alan. I have been helping property developers find finance for over 25 years now…

Buy to let mortgage calculator

1st December 2017

This is the ultimate buy to let calculator. It took me ages to build so I hope you appreciate it!…

Buy to let mortgage criteria

28th November 2017

Buy to let mortgages can be difficult to obtain, especially for those borrowers who have never dealt with one before….

Buy to let mortgages explained

6th December 2017

Searching online for buy to let information can be a difficult thing to do, as a lot of Google searches…

Buy to let remortgage

16th January 2018

Remortgaging a buy to let can be straightforward for most customers, but for others it can be more difficult, especially…

Buy to let mortgage quote

8th February 2018

Looking for the best buy to let mortgage? Use our search engine below to access the best buy to let…

Buy to let mortgage advice

29th November 2017

With interest rates being so low, we are receiving more and more enquiries from investors asking for buy to let…

Buy to let mortgage broker

16th August 2017

For many investors buy to let mortgages can be a doddle, but for other would be landlords, things can be…

Changing mortgages to buy to let

16th August 2017

Whether you’re moving out into a new property or remortgaging an existing property onto a buy to let mortgage, there’s…