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Buy to Let Mortgages

Can I get a semi-commercial mortgage through an SPV?

January 11, 2021 The question I received from Maria below is asking about using a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for a commercial property....

Can I get an SPV mortgage if I’m a first-time landlord?

There are a lot of people who want to become landlords and invest for their future. There are many ways...

Can I get an SPV mortgage if I have bad credit?

At Online Mortgage Advisor, we hear from a lot of property landlords who want to increase their portfolio but still...

Should I use an SPV to expand my buy-to-let portfolio?

January 8, 2021 Today I wanted to share with you a question we received from Antonio who wanted to know more about Special...

How Does the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Rating Affect My Buy-to-Let Mortgage?

December 12, 2019 Since 1st April 2018 all private rented properties, either as new lets or tenancy renewals, were required to hold an...

Buy to Let Northern Ireland

December 10, 2019 You may have found getting a buy to let (BTL) mortgage difficult in Northern Ireland, especially if you have never...

Mortgages for Airbnb Properties

November 5, 2019 Letting properties out to holidaymakers is now easier than ever thanks to Airbnb. If you’re looking to tap into this...

Buy-to-Let Tracker Mortgage

October 23, 2019 When it comes to shopping around for the best buy-to-let tracker mortgages, an understanding of the product and how outside...

Mortgages for Subletting

September 18, 2019 There may come a time when, rather than sell up or move out, you may need or want to take...

Buy to Let Mortgage Quote

August 7, 2019 Looking for the best buy to let mortgage? Use our search engine below to access the best buy to let...

Remortgaging Your Buy To Let And Getting a Great Deal in the Process

July 9, 2019 Can I remortgage a buy to let property? The answer is ‘yes’. Read our guide to remortgaging your Buy to Let or speak to one of the Buy to Let Experts.

Buy to Let Mortgage Lenders

July 5, 2019 /buy-to-let-mortgages/buy-to-let-mortgage-lenders/

Buy to Let Mortgage Quotes and Securing an AIP

July 1, 2019 A lot of the queries we receive are from buy to let (BTL) investors, keen to take out a mortgage on a property they wish to rent out to others. Nowadays, many people opt to fill in application

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