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Commercial Mortgages

A Complete Guide to Commercial Mortgages

March 13, 2020 A definitive guide to everything you need to know about commercial mortgages and how to get one. Speak to one of the experts we work with today!

Commercial Mortgage Lenders

December 11, 2019 Many entrepreneurs and business owners come to us for help after receiving incorrect advice about commercial mortgages, having approached the...

Farm and Agricultural Land Mortgage Loans

Due to the ever-increasing price of land, most people who harbour ambitions of becoming farmers are highly likely to need...

Charity Mortgages and Church Finance

October 9, 2019 Are you looking to set up a church or other charitable organisation in the UK? Or perhaps you’re a member...

Mortgages for Retail Properties

September 11, 2019 We often hear from customers who are looking to take out a commercial mortgage for retail property, so if you’re...

Semi-Commercial Mortgages in the UK

Many customers have gotten in touch with us to enquire about semi-commercial mortgages. Some are ready to apply for one,...

Interest only commercial mortgages

August 29, 2019 Can I use an interest only commercial mortgage to buy a business premises? We receive lots of enquiries asking whether...

Commercial Mortgage Bridge Loans

June 13, 2019 We hear from many of customers who are interested in commercial mortgage bridge loans and have helped hundreds of investors achieve their business goals with

Commercial Second Charge Mortgages

June 12, 2019 Can I get a commercial second charge mortgage for my business? We receive lots of enquiries from business owners asking if it's feasible to secure funding in

Commercial Remortgages

We hear from countless customers who want to find out more about refinancing a commercial mortgage or loan. Many want to know what their options are, while others are ready to get the ball rolling and

Commercial Mortgages: Advantages and Disadvantages

We hear from lots of customers who are in the market for a commercial mortgage and want to know what the advantages of these products are compared to other forms of borrowing. This guide weighs up the

Commercial Mortgage Terms

Customers frequently get in touch with us to enquire about mortgage terms for commercial property. Some of them ask how long they typically are, while others want to know how the term length will

Large Commercial Mortgages

We hear from lots of customers who are looking for large commercial mortgages to purchase high-value properties. Many of them want to know whether they'd qualify for a business mortgage of a cert

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Stamp duty relief is helping our customers save thousands on their mortgage applications

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