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Guarantor mortgages

Guarantor mortgage calculator

23rd September 2019

As there are a whole host of variables involved in assessing the amount you can borrow, an exact guarantor mortgage…

What are the alternatives to having a guarantor?

23rd August 2019

If you don’t have a suitable guarantor or this type of mortgage is not for you, then there may be…

How much can I borrow on a guarantor mortgage

23rd August 2019

This is just an indication, to work things out accurately it really depends on the lender as every one of…

Different types of guarantor mortgage

28th August 2019

There are two main types of guarantor, whole loan guarantors and shortfall guarantors. Every lender is different in the criteria…

Parent guarantor mortgages

23rd August 2019

Anyone interested in getting a mortgage with parents help is usually enquiring for 2 reasons: They don’t have enough deposit…

Who can be a guarantor?

28th November 2019

Usually the guarantor on a mortgage is required to have some form of family tie. This is because the lender…