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Mortgages and Furlough: How to get a mortgage after being on furlough. Read more Chevron

Large Mortgage Loans

Getting a £2 Million Mortgage

December 16, 2019 Want to know how to go about getting a two million pound mortgage? The experts we work with know which specialist lenders offer home loans for this amount and more.

£1 Million Mortgages

December 11, 2019 The number of properties valued in excess of one million pounds continues to increase across the country. As a result,...

Million Pound and Over Mortgages

December 10, 2019 You used to have to track down a private bank to find a multi-million pound mortgage. Not so today –...

Getting a mortgage for over £6 million

July 31, 2019 How to get a mortgage for over £6 million Those looking to invest in high value property can find it difficult to find a lender. Many mortgage providers have a maximum sum they're willing to lend

Getting a mortgage for £1,500,000

Can I get a £1.5 million mortgage? Most of the enquiries we get usually to fall into the more mainstream mortgage lending area. However, we also receive quite a lot of enquiries of a more high net

£3,000,000 Mortgages

As residential property continues to increase in value, we're hearing from more and more customers who are looking to secure a £3 million mortgage, or perhaps more. Many have been turned down as

High Net Worth Mortgages

June 20, 2019 If you are considering a high net worth mortgage (HNWM) , you may have found that some high street lenders don't always offer the most competitive rates. If this has been the case for you, the go

Private Mortgages

May 31, 2019 In the context of property, the term 'private' is generally associated with high net worth borrowers and the private banks that often finance them - but there's a lot more to it than th

Mortgages for 5 million

April 16, 2019 How to get a £5 million mortgage Taking out a mortgage on high value property can prove problematic; how do you go about finding a provider that is willing to lend you such a large sum? And how do you

£4000000 mortgages

£4 million mortgages: What you need to know If you're looking to invest in high value property, you may find it difficult to track down a lender willing to offer you a large enough mortgage. The

Celebrity Mortgage

April 5, 2019 What are the problems celebrities face when applying for a mortgage? It can be surprisingly complicated - talk to one of the expert advisors we work with for the right advice.

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