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Life insurance

Life insurance for people working at heights

23rd August 2019

There’s a wide range of occupations that would be considered ‘risky’ by insurers. People who work at heights are often…

Life insurance for diabetics (UK)

23rd August 2019

Understand how diabetes can affect your life insurance, find out what you are eligible for, and make an application today….

Life insurance if you have used recreational drugs

23rd August 2019

One of the not so common, but still important questions we are asked is “Do life insurance companies test for…

Military Life Insurance

23rd August 2019

Forces life cover – an overview. If you’re in the armed forces, whether you’re in the UK or stationed overseas,…

High blood pressure life insurance

23rd August 2019

We are often asked “Can I get life insurance with high blood pressure?” Thankfully the answer is usually yes. It’s…

Life insurance with existing health issues

23rd August 2019

“Can I get life cover if I’ve had an illness???” As specialists in this area we receive enquiries every day…

Life insurance for Crohn’s disease

23rd August 2019

There are currently approx. 60,000 known sufferers of Crohn’s disease in the UK, many of whom will have problems when…

Life insurance enquiry

21st June 2019

The form below is in-depth as the details help the advisor’s understand your situation to be able to offer you…

Life insurance with mental health issues

23rd August 2019

When it comes to life insurance, mental health can have a varied impact, depending mostly on how severe and how…

Life Insurance for Mums

29th November 2017

Getting the right level of cover for your children As time has gone by we have been getting more and…