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Mortgage Application

What To Do If You’ve Had a Mortgage Application Declined by Precise Mortgages

May 26, 2021 As a specialist mortgage provider, Precise Mortgages have a more flexible lending criteria than many high street banks and building societies, but there isn’t...

What To Do If You’ve Been Declined For A Mortgage By Kensington Mortgages

May 25, 2021 Kensington Mortgages are a specialist lender which means they have the flexibility to help customers that some banks and building societies can’t. So, if they...

What to do if You’ve had a Nationwide Building Society Mortgage Application Declined

March 11, 2021 Like most high street lenders, Nationwide usually refuses to offer mortgages to anyone who doesn’t fit their criteria. But if they’ve turned you down for a ...

What to do if You’ve had a Santander Mortgage Application Declined

March 10, 2021 If Santander have just rejected your mortgage application it can feel like a crushing blow, but being declined by one lender is by no means the end of your home...

What To Do If You’ve Had A Mortgage Declined By Skipton Building Society

March 9, 2021 Like all UK building societies, Skipton will decline mortgage applications that fall outside of their standard lending criteria. If you approached them for a mo...

What To Do If You’ve Had a Mortgage Application Declined By Leeds Building Society

If you’ve had a mortgage application declined by Leeds Building Society, it’s okay to feel upset, disappointed or frustrated, but don’t assume that this i...

What to do if Natwest Have Refused You For a Mortgage

February 25, 2021 Have you had a mortgage application declined by Natwest? Or maybe you feel certain they’re going to knock you back and put the kibosh on your homeownership pl...

What to do if HSBC Have Declined you for a Mortgage

If HSBC has rejected your mortgage application or you think they’re going to, you’re certainly not alone. Firstly, high street lenders turn down borrowers a...

Self Certified Mortgages

February 18, 2021 Looking for a mortgage but don’t have enough proof of income? Self-cert mortgages are no longer available, but the advisors we work with can help you find a far better alternative.

What to do if You’ve Been Refused for a Mortgage by Halifax

February 15, 2021 If Halifax have declined you for a mortgage, or if you think they’re going to decline you, it’s okay to feel frustrated or disappointed, but don’t worry, ...

A Complete Guide to the Homebuying Process

January 22, 2021 New to the homebuying process and need some guidance? We can introduce you to an expert who will take care of your every need.

A Complete Guide to Mortgages

January 19, 2021 A guide to everything you ever wanted to know about mortgages. Speak to one of the expert brokers we work with and get yours today!

Can’t Get a Mortgage? Here’s What To Do Next…

November 20, 2020 Been told you can’t get a mortgage? That doesn’t mean your homeownership dream is over! The experts we work with help people with complex circumstances find finance every day!

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