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Mortgages for professionals

Mortgages for Civil Servants

December 11, 2019 Many lenders look favourably on mortgages for civil servants, which might result in a wide choice of borrowing options so...

Mortgages for Nurses

October 30, 2019 Nurses don’t always meet the criteria required by traditional high street lenders. Rest assured though, there are a number of...

Mortgages for Dentists

As a dentist, you’re probably used to providing expert advice to your patients, but when it comes to finding a...

NHS Mortgages

The NHS employs around 1.5 million people, from doctors and nurses to dentists and radiographers. Many of them have come...

Mortgages for Firefighters

October 23, 2019 There are many mortgage providers offering mortgages to firefighters. High street lenders, as well as more specialist lenders, will offer...

Police Mortgages

September 6, 2019 There are lots of barriers that can make it difficult for police officers to find a mortgage. Limited time due...

Mortgages for Barristers, Lawyers and Solicitors

September 5, 2019 Many mortgage lenders offer competitive terms to people who work in a professional industry and high-earning legal professionals can find...

Mortgages for Professionals

July 23, 2019 Are you a UK professional looking for a mortgage? Lenders may view your case differently. Use a broker that knows the ins and outs of professional mortgages.

Mortgages for Foster Carers

July 8, 2019 Getting a good deal on a mortgage is vital for hard working foster carers with children to look after and a household to run. But since your income works a little differently from other people, you

Mortgages for Social Workers

Due to the nature of social work, individual employment contracts and incomes can be vastly different. Times have changed from the days when everyone had permanent long term employment and nowadays we

Mortgages for Doctors

January 4, 2019 The advisors that we work with are experts in mortgages for doctors. Get in touch to find out the benefits for applicants in medical professions.

Mortgages for Key Workers

July 17, 2018 Key worker mortgage schemes are not currently available but there are other great government and lender schemes open to specific professions.

Mortgages for Teachers

August 16, 2017 Mortgages for teachers (and other professionals that work in the educational sector) can come with some fantastic benefits. Top rates, 95-100% mortgages,

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