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Mortgages for professionals

Mortgages for Social Workers

14th August 2017

Due to the nature of social work, individual employment contracts and incomes can be vastly different. Times have changed from…

Mortgages for soldiers

1st December 2017

I made a search online recently for a customer of mine who is in the army looking for information on…

Mortgages for graduates

16th August 2017

Whenever I’ve searched for ‘graduate mortgages’ I’ve found there’s a LOT of spammy-nonsense websites offering poor/no advice for graduates looking…

Mortgages for key workers

17th July 2018

Key worker mortgages scheme FAQ (updated in 2016) IMPORTANT: The lenders that once offered key worker  mortgages are not currently considering these…

Mortgages for teachers

16th August 2017

Mortgages for teachers (and other professionals that work in the educational sector) can come with some fantastic benefits. Top rates,…

Mortgages for doctors

4th January 2019

Where many lenders and other brokers may have trouble understanding how your income is made up, the advisors that work…