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Mortgages and Furlough: How to get a mortgage after being on furlough. Read more Chevron

New Build Mortgages

New Build Mortgage Calculator

December 12, 2019 Did you know that the age of a property will have an impact on how much mortgage you can take...

A Guide to Mortgage Lenders for New Builds

July 1, 2019 We get lots of enquiries from customers looking for the best mortgage lenders for new builds. While the number of new build mortgage lenders is growing all the time, some providers are still more wary

LTV rates for new build mortgages

June 5, 2019 LTV rates on new build mortgages Purchasing a new build property can appeal to many buyers as the home will be brand new and can be customised to suit individual tastes. That being said, many people

Mortgage valuation on new builds

May 10, 2019 If you are interested in getting a mortgage for a new build, you may have noticed that some lenders value new builds at less than the asking price of the developer. With some lenders only prepared to

New-build mortgages for first time buyers

April 2, 2019 New builds are popular with first time buyers (FTBs); not only is it exciting to be the first owners of a brand new home, there are a number of schemes available that offer financial assistance

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