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Self employed mortgages

Mortgages for Company Directors

January 26, 2021 Mortgages for limited company directors can be more complex than other types of self-employed mortgages, but they’re far easier to obtain if you know where to...

Self Employed Mortgages With 1 Year’s Accounts

If you’re a self-employed professional looking to get a mortgage, you may have heard that most lenders will ask you to evidence your income with at least two...

Mortgages for self-employed social media professionals

Being a self-employed professional, especially one who is earning income from reasonably new platforms such as YouTube or OnlyFans, can make applying for a mort...

Getting a Mortgage Without Accounts

October 31, 2019 If you’re looking for a self-employed mortgage, you’re probably hoping to celebrate the milestone achievement! But what do you do if...

Self-Employed Net Profit Mortgages

June 27, 2019 Getting a mortgage when you're self-employed is a common concern and it's one that we're asked about a lot. While lenders tend to be more cautious of giving

Mortgages for Company Directors

May 14, 2019 Are there specialist Mortgages for Company Directors? Yes ✔️ We discuss how you can get your mortgage in our in-depth guide. Find out more now

Limited liability partnership (LLP) mortgages

March 27, 2019 We hear from lots of customers who are interested in limited liability partnership (LLP) mortgages. Many of them ready to make an application while others want to know what interest rates they'd

Mortgages for Sole Traders and Partnerships

April 14, 2017 Many find getting a mortgage as a self-employed applicant far more difficult than it needs to be! Self-employed mortgage lenders will cater for sole-traders,

Which Accountant Qualifications do Mortgage Lenders Accept?

May 14, 2015 Typically, although every lender is different in terms of the type of self-employed incomes they'll accept and how they want this evidenced, most lenders using

Self-Employed Mortgages Using the Latest Year’s Income

March 13, 2014 Are you looking for a mortgage based on the latest year of your self-employed income? The experts we work with can help you find the best deal.

Construction Industry Scheme Mortgages

February 16, 2014 No accounts? Low net profit? Use your CIS payslips to borrow on a mortgage without using your business accounts.

Mortgages for Taxi Drivers

November 20, 2013 Mortgages for taxi drivers can be challenging. Self-employed people don't struggle evidencing their accounts or their income. Speak to a specialist that can help.

Buy to Let Mortgages for Self-Employed

September 24, 2013 Looking for the best buy-to-let mortgage deals for self-employed people? The advisors we work with know exactly which lenders offer them.

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