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Self employed mortgages

Mortgages for sole traders and partnerships

13th June 2018

Many find getting a mortgage as a self-employed applicant far more difficult than it needs to be! Self-employed mortgage lenders…

Which accountant qualifications do mortgage lenders accept?

12th June 2018

Typically, although every lender is different in terms of the type of self-employed incomes they’ll accept and how they want…

Mortgages for Company Directors

13th June 2018

Directors’ Mortgages – An introduction Mortgages for limited company directors are easy to obtain if you know where to look!…

Self-employed mortgages using the latest years income

29th August 2018

Since the credit crisis and subsequent recovery in certain sectors, the number of people setting up their own companies has…

Construction Industry Scheme mortgages

4th January 2019

UPDATED FOR 2019 Struggling to borrow the mortgage you need because you don’t have 3 years accounts? Written off expenses…

Mortgages for Taxi Drivers

13th June 2018

Getting a mortgage for a house if you’re a taxi driver can be challenging. Where most employed drivers have no…

Buy to let mortgages for self employed

9th September 2018

Note: For other types of proof of income for buy to let mortgages click here. Getting a mortgage for a…

Best Mortgages for Self Employed

13th June 2018

The best self employed mortgage rates can be seen in the tables below, covering a range of lenders that offer…

Getting a mortgage when self employed

13th June 2018

We are frequently asked ‘can I get a mortgage if I am self employed?’, or ‘how many years accounts are…

Self employed mortgages with 2 years accounts

17th October 2018

If you’ve been self employed less than 3 years and are looking for a mortgage, we have just the solution….