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Mortgages and Furlough: How to get a mortgage after being on furlough. Read more Chevron

UK Mortgages for Expats

Expat Mortgage Rates

December 10, 2019 Mortgages for expats can be more complex than ‘domestic’ mortgages. In this article, you’ll learn about UK expat mortgage rates,...

International Expat Mortgages

December 9, 2019 If you’re an expat living overseas and wishing to buy a property in the UK or purchase a home in...

Expat Broker

July 8, 2019 Are there brokers that specialise in mortgages for expats? Yes. The brokers we work with are experts on finding mortgages for expats.

Remortgaging As An Expat

July 3, 2019 We get many enquiries from British expatriates who are living abroad but wish to remortgage a property in the UK. However, we also often help expats who wish to remortgage a home in their new country

Expat Buy to Let Mortgages

July 1, 2019 We have helped hundreds of borrowers who have come to us with questions about Buy to Let mortgages for expats, whether that be for holiday homes or commercial properties. We also receive

Expat Mortgage Calculator Guide

June 28, 2019 Customers based overseas often contact us to ask where they can find a reliable and user-friendly UK ex-pat mortgage calculator...

Get a Mortgage When Returning to the UK

August 16, 2017 Getting a mortgage if you've just returned to the UK or are planning to return from abroad can be tricky, as most lenders find it hard / impossible to track

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