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Mental Wellbeing

How I Handled Anxiety

March 3, 2020 Our MD, Pete Mugleston Background As a business, we work with hundreds of brokers and finance professionals – and our […]

Why we’ve built a customer wellbeing portal on our website

November 16, 2019 Why the hell are we doing this? The wellbeing portal has come about due to some shocking results arising from […]

Clarity conference 2018

Following various 121’s with staff, and brokers around the country, we realised that anxiety and stress was on the rise. […]

OMA Cope With: Video Series

Introducing the OMA Video Series “Cope With:”. Pete our MD reveals what we’re setting out to achieve with the video […]

You don’t need top tips to beat stress

When we asked Jamie Smart for some stress-busting top tips, we were a little surprised with the answer – there […]

The Seriousness of Things Going Wrong

The house move for most people is a life changer. Moving to get your kids into a better school, to […]

Not being in Control of Stuff

If you look back over your history you’ll have lots of things that didn’t work out the way you wanted, […]

How to Make Moving Less Stressful

Why might we experience more stress when moving? For most of our history, thousands of years, no one ever moved. […]

Feel the Fear and Haggle Anyway

Ever heard of hedonic prediction? No us either, but it’s a thing! Jamie explains how we paint pictures of the future […]

Arguments when moving

A common issue and stress point from our survey was arguing with our partner! Jamie discusses what is going on […]

An Introduction to Clarity

Jamie Smart introduces the principles of thought and the mind’s natural state is one of clarity and calmness.

A Crash Course in Understanding Stress

Jamie Smart discusses the fundamental nature of the mind, what happens when we get stressed or anxious, and what we […]

An End To Stress – Michael Neill

November 14, 2019 Pete has shared this Michael Neil talk about a hundred times to his friends and family, as it was one […]