The Footy 100

Who are the top earning players in the world’s highest paid sport? We’ve ranked the top earners in popular leagues to bring you the Footy 100.

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How Many Homes can a Footballer Buy?

Compare how many houses the highest paid footballers in each league could buy outright every year. Insert your own home’s value to calculate how many they could purchase.

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How do other Salaries Compare?

How quickly do the highest paid stars from each sport earn your salary? Compare their earnings to find out who makes the most from their wages and who earns the most in endorsements.

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Annual income compared

Compare the salaries of some common occupations with the highest paid players from popular sports. See if you can spot where the top earning female athlete stands.

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The footballer’s mortgage

Insert your annual household income to compare a mortgage available to you with a loan for a property that Lionel Messi could afford.

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  • Lionel Messi is paid £2.4m for every goal he scores

  • It would take the highest paid female footballer over 6,000 years to pay off Messi's mortgage

  • Lionel Messi earns the average UK annual salary in just 39 minutes

  • Compared to Messi's £2.4m per goal, UK Doctors earn £7-8 per patient they see

  • Messi has made your entire year’s earnings before 10am on the first working day of the year