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This simple calculator will help you understand how your payments will change if you take a mortgage holiday.

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Holiday mortgage comparison

This table shows you the monthly and total cost of using a holiday mortgage, calculating the additional interest paid over the duration of your mortgage.

Monthly Mortgage Payments Total Mortgage Repayments
Original Mortgage

Holiday Mortgage


About this Calculator:
  • This calculator is designed to provide a good representation of how your lender will calculate your three-month mortgage holiday and give a good idea of the cost to you. That said, there can be nuanced differences in the ways in which lenders make this calculation. We recommend you speak to your lender to understand the specifics behind how they calculate it or contact a broker for independent advice.
  • This calculator doesn't include any broker or lender fees that have been added to the total mortgage amount.
  • The calculations assume a fixed interest rate for the entire period of the mortgage - from the beginning of your current mortgage and into the future.
  • You will still be charged interest during the payment holiday and this will be added on to the total mortgage balance.
  • The mortgage term doesn't increase as lenders generally don’t do this for mortgage holidays. Instead, the payments increase over the slightly shorter term of the mortgage to cover the additional additional interest added to the balance as well as the payments that weren’t made.
  • COVID-19 update 1 It has been reported that UK lenders have agreed to not refer mortgage holidays to credit reference agencies, but we still advise to check with lenders first. Always discuss a payment holiday with your lender beforehand and don’t ever just stop paying your mortgage without warning assuming it can be treated as a mortgage holiday. You can read all about the coronavirus measures and how mortgage payment holidays work in our blog post.
  • COVID-19 update 2 We’re assuming, after the government announcement, that lenders will still add on the interest in the typical way and the mortgage term won’t change. Whilst unlikely, it may be that the approach is changed by some lender to further ease the burden on those who are struggling.
  • COVID-19 update 3 Mortgage payment holidays are not the only support lenders are offering to customers whose finances have been impacted by the outbreak. Other mortgage providers are waiving missed payment fees and allowing borrowers to switch rates. Make sure you discuss all of the possible alternatives before agreeing to take a payment holiday.