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Help to Buy 2… What is it?

Pete Mugleston

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So what is Help to Buy 2?


YOU: Put in 5% deposit, borrow 95%.

LENDER: Lends you 95%.

GOVERNMENT: Guarantee's 15% for the lender.

You can buy any property (except new build) on the open market up to £600,000, which is an advance on the old scheme that was exclusively for new build properties. Any lender or intermediary approved to be part of the scheme can arrange the mortgage for you, and it doesn't have to be through exclusive new build brokers or developers.

The great thing about this scheme is that more money has been made available for borrowers looking to buy at high loan to values and low deposits. Previously, the lack of money has made lenders chase safer business and as a result only few dare go up to 95%, with products being sparse and at relatively high rates. The guarantee offered by the government has now given lenders more confidence as their money is effectively protected to a degree of 20% (less indemnity costs). With this, the rates made available going forward are likely to be much more attractive than existing 95% deals.


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