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Help to Buy Mortgage Calculator

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By Pete Mugleston   Mortgage Advisor

Last updated: 6th February 2019 *

Help to Buy mortgage calculator

We get lots of enquiries from people who ask us, “What is the best help to buy mortgage calculator?”

There are a range of online Help to Buy mortgage calculators that each provide a different estimation which can make the process confusing, especially if you don’t have in-depth knowledge about the criteria that each lender uses to assess whether you will be approved or not.

The good news is that the brokers we work with can provide this information and find you the best mortgage deal based on your circumstances, even if you’ve been declined or have bad credit.

To help you calculate how much a Help to Buy mortgage could be, we have gathered all the key information you’ll need to know in this guide including:

⦁ What is a Help to Buy?

⦁ Help to Buy scheme mortgage calculator

⦁ How much can you borrow on a HTB mortgage?

⦁ How will the interest rate on your Equity Loan affect you?

⦁ Equity Loan interest example

⦁ Repaying your Help to Buy Loan

⦁ How is a Help to Buy Equity Loan calculated across the UK?

⦁ Help to Buy new build mortgage calculator

⦁ Will bad credit affect your Help to Buy mortgage?

⦁ Why you should speak to an advisor about Help to Buy mortgage calculators

⦁ Speak to a Help to Buy advisor

For a Help to Buy mortgage quote that takes your personal situation into consideration, speak to an advisor here.

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What is Help to Buy?

Introduced by the government in 2013, Help to Buy (HTB) is a scheme in the UK that aims to help first time buyers or homeowners looking to move home.

Borrowers are required to raise 5% of the property value as a deposit and then the government will loan them up to 20% (or 40% in London.) Any remaining portion of the property value is covered by a standard repayment mortgage.

Help to Buy scheme mortgage calculator

A lot of people want to use a Help to Buy Equity Loan mortgage calculator because they think this is the best way to see how much they can borrow.

Unfortunately, it isn’t. Online Help to Buy mortgage calculators in the UK don’t provide an accurate quote based on each individual's circumstances. There are so many affordability factors that lenders will take into consideration when assessing your application and the frustrating thing is, is that each lender will have different rules about what they will and won’t accept.

How much can you borrow?

We’ve created a Help to Buy mortgage calculator table below to give you a very brief overview for what you may be able to borrow. However, for an accurate figure, a mortgage advisor’s advice is invaluable. Speak to one of our experts here.

Interest rate: 3% (for example purposes only)

Property Value

Deposit size (5%)

Equity Loan 20%

Mortgage loan (75%)

Monthly payments (mortgage term of 25 years)





















How will the interest rate on your Equity Loan affect you?

It’s important that when you calculate how much your Help to Buy mortgage will cost that you factor in the interest rate charged on your equity loan.

The first five years of the Help to Buy equity loan is interest-free. After this, you'll be charged 1.75% on the outstanding amount as interest.

This will increase each year by RPI (Retail Price Index) which can increase or decrease due to inflation, plus 1%.

Equity Loan interest example

Property Value of £200,000 with a £40,000 Equity Loan

RPI of 5% (for example purposes only)


Interest rate

RPI + 1%

Interest Only Loan repayment

0 - 5 years


















Your interest payments for your equity loan are paid alongside your mortgage payments and do not pay off your loan amount.

So for a mortgage of £200,000, in the 7th year of your mortgage you could be paying £744 for your interest payments on your Equity Loan as well as monthly mortgage payments of £711.

Repaying your Help to Buy Loan

As well as this, you can choose to repay your loan during the term of your mortgage, although you also have the option to repay your Equity Loan as a lump sum when you sell your property.

Furthermore, if the property increases in value over time, the loan amount you have to pay back will also increase in line with this.

As you can see, this can be complex so speaking to a mortgage broker who has experience in Equity Loans can really help.

As well as looking at your finances and your situation to give you a tailored Equity Loan and mortgage quote, a mortgage broker can also find you the best interest rates on mortgages, to help keep your payments as low as possible. Speak to an advisor here.

How is help to buy mortgage calculated across the UK?



Equity Loan


Help to Buy Scotland mortgage calculator


Up to 15% of the purchase price

Your deposit and mortgage must cover a combined minimum of 85% of the purchase price

Mortgage calculator Help to Buy Wales




Help to Buy Midlands mortgage calculator




Help to Buy mortgage calculator South




Help to Buy mortgage calculator South East


20% (up to 40% in London)


Help to Buy mortgage calculator North




Help to Buy Northwest mortgage calculator




Help to Buy mortgage calculator Yorkshire




Help to Buy new build mortgage calculator

As with any property, lenders will want to consider the potential re-sale of a new build property and the likelihood that someone will want to buy it if they have to repossess.

When a resale property is situated on a plot amongst brand new buildings that are yet to be lived in, a buyer will typically compare it and see it as a used good. For this reason it can be more difficult to secure mortgages for new builds.

Some Help to Buy properties are often high rise flats, which can also be difficult to mortgage with some lenders who perceive this construction type as a higher risk for re-sale.

If you’d like to calculate how the construction type of your property could affect how much you’ll be able to borrow  talk to an advisor or alternatively, see our non-standard property section here.

Will Bad credit affect your Help to Buy mortgage?

Bad credit can affect your chances of approval for a HTB mortgage as well as the interest rate you may pay on your loan. Some lenders won’t accept borrowers with bad credit however there are specialist lenders who are more willing to lend to approve a mortgage for borrowers with a less than perfect credit history.

If you have bad credit this could include:

⦁ Low credit score

⦁ Late payments

⦁ Mortgage arrears

⦁ Defaults

⦁ CCJs

⦁ Debt management plans


⦁ Bankruptcy

⦁ Repossession

Because of this, it’s best to speak to one of the mortgage advisors we work with who has experience in Help to Buy mortgages for people with bad credit.

For advice about how the specific type of bad credit you have can affect your application, contact a bad credit mortgage specialist here. Alternatively, see our bad credit information section.

Why you should speak to an advisor about Help to Buy mortgage calculators

The mortgage advisors we work with are carefully selected and we choose to only work with whole of market mortgage brokers we trust to find you the best mortgage.

Here’s how the mortgage advisors we work with can help you:

⦁ Search an increased market and find best mortgage rates and deals

⦁ They can calculate your mortgage and Equity Loan repayments to give you an accurate reflection of what you can expect to pay

⦁ They can also calculate your affordability to ensure that the lender you chose provides a loan that is affordable for you

Make an enquiry here and one of the experts be in touch shortly to help.

Speak to a Help to Buy advisor

If you have questions about Help to Buy mortgage calculators  and want to speak to an expert for the right advice, call Online Mortgage Advisor today on 0800 304 7880 or make an enquiry here.

Then sit back and let us do all the hard work in finding the broker with the right expertise for your circumstances.  – We don’t charge a fee and there’s absolutely no obligation or marks on your credit rating.

Updated: 6th February 2019
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