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Life insurance comparison tool

Get your life insurance quote and apply for protection now by completing the quick enquiry below. Your specialist will need to know:

  • Your names
  • Your dates of birth
  • Have you smoked in the last 12 months?
  • The amount of cover you require
  • The number of years you want cover for
  • How much you want to spend per month

How to get life insurance if you’ve been declined

When you are borrowing for anything, whether a mortgage or an unsecured loan, having the right level of insurance to protect yourself and your loved ones is vital.

Unfortunately, some applicants find it hard to get health assurance because of pre-existing medical conditions, health issues, or even because they are living in another country. The good news is that there’s a number of trusted brands who specialise in these types of situations, offering life cover without medical assessments, life cover for diabetics, expat health cover, and more.

Not every insurer offers applicants life cover with health issues or medical conditions because each has a different risk profile. Many of them are not prepared to insure high risk customers who have a strong likelihood of claiming within the term, seeing it as too much of a gamble on whether they’d actually make money – This of course, opens an area of the market that several specialist insurers do occupy. Specialist cover does tend to be more expensive, but is available.

What’s the most important thing to you? Your job, house, car? For most people it’s their family, and this is why it’s so important to have the right insurance to protect what matters.

If you want to apply for life or critical illness cover, search for a specialist insurer, or for anything else, please complete our quick enquiry form above and an advisor will be in touch ASAP.