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Mortgage with Low Income

September 23, 2021 How to get a mortgage with a low income. The specialists we work can show you how you could get a great mortgage, even if you're a low income earner.

I’m Married But Want a Mortgage in Just My Name

You're married; but want a mortgage in just your name. It may be because, whilst you have a good credit rating, and your partner has bad credit. Or there you want to take advantage of the key tax benefits to having the property in just your name.

Remortgaging to Buy Another Property

Can you remortgage to buy another property? Yes ✔️ Our In-depth guide explains how to buy a second property using the equity you already have. Find out more

Mortgage Declined? Here is what to do next

September 8, 2021 Has your Mortgage been declined or refused? You can still get a Mortgage. We detail what you need to do next in our detailed guide. Find out more now

Getting a Joint Mortgage When One Applicant Has Bad Credit

August 9, 2021 Can you get a Joint Mortgage & your partner has bad credit? Yes ✔️ Even if it is an IVA, it is still possible to get a mortgage. Find out more in our in-depth guide

Getting a Mortgage With a Default

Can you get a Mortgage With a Default? Yes ✔️ We know the mortgage brokers who can get your mortgage approved. Find out more & get in touch 🏠📞

How to Remortgage with Bad Credit

Can you Remortgage with Bad Credit? Yes ✔️ Bad Credit Remortgages are available if you have CCJs, IVAs, Late Payments etc. Find out more today 🏠📞

Mortgage Credit Check

How do the credit checks on mortgage applications affect you? Read this article or speak to one of the advisors to ensure it won't leave any marks.

Looking for a Bad Credit Mortgage?

Can I get a Mortgage with Bad Credit? Yes ✔️ Bad Credit Mortgages are available if you have CCJs, Bankruptcy, Defaults & more. Get in touch today! 🏠📞

Getting a Mortgage With a Gap in Your Employment History

Are you worried a recent gap in your employment could affect your mortgage application? Read our in-depth guide below for everything you need to know.

Church Conversion Mortgages

Looking for a mortgage to buy a converted church or convert one yourself? The advisors we work with can help you get the best deal.

A Guide to Seafarer Mortgages

Getting a mortgage to buy a UK-based property can be a complicated process. This is particularly true for professional seafarers. But, with the right support an...

Remortgaging to Buy a Car

Thinking of remortgaging to release equity for buying a new car? Make sure you read through our guide first.

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Small deposit? No problem!

The new mortgage guarantee scheme has brought 5% deposit mortgages back with a bang.

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