Octopus Energy and Perenna Offer New ‘Zero Bills’ Mortgage

Octopus Energy and Perenna Offer New ‘Zero Bills’ Mortgage
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Tom Stevenson

Author: Tom Stevenson

Mortgage Correspondent

Updated: June 17, 2024

Octopus Energy has launched a novel Zero Bills mortgage in partnership with bond bank Perenna. The aim is to help customers move into houses kitted out with green energy technology such as heat pumps and solar panels and guarantees there will be no energy bills for at least five years.

This exciting development will appeal to first-time buyers or current homeowners who are environmentally conscious. It’s also likely to appeal to anyone looking to reduce their household bills.

We take a look at this new offering and whether it’s something prospective homeowners should consider and if it will become more commonplace in the years to come.

What is it?

Perenna offers the Zero Bills mortgage and is available on new build homes with the right combination of solar panels, heat pumps and a home battery. It’s important to note, that this scheme only applies to specially built ‘Zero homes’ and doesn’t apply to every home with these appliances.

The scheme is currently only focusing on new builds but there is scope to expand it to existing homes down the line. The zero energy tariff only applies to Octopus Energy customers and guarantees zero bills for at least five years.

The tariff is factored into Perenna’s affordability calculations, which means you get a lower rate than their standard mortgages, rewarding customers who opt to live in a sustainable home.

What are the benefits of the Zero Bills mortgage?

Aside from the guarantee of not paying any bills for at least five years, there are some other advantages to the Zero Bills mortgage that make it an interesting proposition for consumers.

These are generous terms and make the Zero Bills mortgage a good option to consider. Another potential bonus is that homes with high energy efficiency and integrated renewable energy systems could increase in value and appeal over time.

One big downside is that if there aren’t Zero Bills homes near you, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to apply for the mortgage. With over 1,000 homes accredited, until more Zero Bills homes are built nationwide, the mortgage is only available in certain areas.

Octopus Energy aims to deliver 50,000 Zero Bills homes globally by 2025, so there is scope for the scheme to be available to more people soon.

Is a Zero Bills Mortgage a good idea?

Given concerns over the climate crisis and the cost of living, the Zero Bills mortgage aims to kill two birds with new stones. It provides sustainable homes built to withstand the effects of climate change while reducing household bills.

One of the problems we’re concerned about at Online Mortgage Advisor is the lack of homes across the country. More homes need to be built and if they can be built in an environmentally friendly way that’s even better.

The Future Homes Standard, due to come into force in 2025, aims to reduce carbon emissions by 75%. So it’s possible more developers will build houses that match Octopus Energy’s requirements. It’s possible more lenders could offer similar mortgages if the scheme goes well.

The UK has some of the oldest housing stock in Europe, with many homes energy inefficient. If Octopus Energy can follow through on its plans to retrofit existing homes with green energy solutions, this scheme could become a great option for people looking to get on the housing ladder while saving on costs.

As it stands, the Zero Bills mortgage is a niche product that’s intriguing but unlikely to be available to the majority of people in the country.

Should more homes be built that match these specifications, the Zero Bills mortgage could become an intriguing option for many people in the housing market.

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