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Welcome to the OMA Master Series! – Take The Lead.

Bookmark this page for all things mortgages and to stay up to date with the latest and greatest specialist mortgage broker training and content in the galaxy.

Upcoming Master Training Sessions

Further to our continued support to OMA affiliated brokers, the following mortgage advisor training clinics / boot camps / sessions are now available for booking.

To do so please contact Chris@OMA.

Module Date Capacity Venue Length
Improving Contact and conversion Rates Monday Jan 22nd @ 11am 10 people Online Screen-share 30 Mins
Positioning Fees and insurance penetration Monday Jan 29th @ 11am 10 people Face-to-Face @ OMA HQ 1 Hour
Third party referrals and boosting case size Monday Feb 5th @ 11am 10 people Online Screen-share 30 Mins




Ask The Experts Training


Broker KPIs and Benchmarking

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Contact Rates

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Converting to AIP

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Converting AIPs to Apps

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Insurance Penetration

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Third Party Referrals

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