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Contact Rates – Are you getting hold of enough customers?

Top Advisor Levels: 95%+
Minimum Expected Levels: 85%+

In discussion around obtaining the highest level of contact rates with some of the best advisors in OMA’s community, there are several common practices and behaviours that are displayed.

  • Action Immediately
    Whenever a new enquiry is taken, those who have the most success when contacting that client call, text, and email right away. The longer the delay, the lower the chances of contact.
  • Make use of OMA automation (Updating SF as-you-go)
    If unable to contact, those with the best contact rate tend to update SF right away, prompting the system to SMS and email the client to let them know they have missed the call, and are given clear guidance on who and how to return it. This coming from OMA (the entity they already know) helps as many customers refuse to answer or respond to unknown numbers.
  • Take hunt-Group Phone Enquiries
    Taking a live phone enquiry from the OMA support team should, in theory, result in 100% contact rate, as they are referring live clients over the phone.
  • Text and Email
    Those with the best contact rates will text and email the client from their personal phones / address at the time the pick the enquiry up if they don’t get through on the first call out – this allows the client to vet the number and arrange a better time to talk if they can’t speak in that moment.
  • Synchronise initial time of enquiry with follow-up
    A common mistake many make when taking new enquiries from the unassigned queue in an evening, is not to action until the next day. If the client has enquired in an evening it is often because that’s when they are free, so to then try and call in the daytime usually results in lower contact rates.Check the original enquiry time on the enquiry record in SF and use to plan the best time to re-contact. If you pick the enquiry up in business hours of course try to contact them right away, and text / email / and update SF if unanswered to encourage a returned call. If they have enquired later in an evening, then text / email to see if they are free, even if after usual business hours. The client then has the option to chat then or arrange something for the next day, and are often impressed by the advisors’ work ethic and willingness to action round the clock! We would not advise calling late on without a text / email from the client to confirm they are happy first, as this could be invasive! Take a view on what/when you think is reasonable.
  • Alternate time of contact attempts
    Try the client at the time of purchase, then perhaps in the morning, lunchtime, and evening. Although the OMA SLAs only require 3 contact attempts, many of the top performers will do these on day 1, and then follow up 1 or 2 more times thereafter. This allows the client time to speak on lunch, or before / after work.
  • Persistence
    Trying once is not enough. Many of the top advisors for contact rate will continue to call the client way over the SLAs and make 5,6,7 attempts at different times.