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Laying The Foundation: – Reporting, KPIs, and Benchmarks

This is a brief overview of the OMA Advisor Benchmarks for many of the Key Broker Metrics

KPI Minimum Benchmark Top Performing Benchmark
Enquiry Volume (monthly) 10 30+
Contact Rate 85% 95%+
Conversion to AIP 10% 25%+
Conversion to Sale or FCR 45% 60%
Conversion of AIP to Full App 70% 85%
Insurance Penetration 35% 65%
Average Case Size £2,000 £3,000
Third Party Referrals Everyone! Everyone!



1) Enquiry Volume

The total amount of enquiries you’ve taken from OMA in the last 180 days.

2) Contact Rates

The % of enquiries you made contact with.

3) FCR or Sale %

This measures enquiry waste more than any other metric – for every client there should be an outcome, either a Sale today, or an FCR for one in the future – anything else might as well have gone in the bin!

4) Conversion to AIP%

This shows the % of your enquiries that lead to an AIP.

5) Conversion from AIP to Full App %

The % of AIPs that progress to full application.

6) Insurance Penetration %

The % of your mortgage cases that have an insurance sale attached.