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By Pete Mugleston   Mortgage Advisor

Last updated: 12th July 2018

Remortgaging for a better deal or to borrow more money can be easy and relatively quick. To get a quote for your new rate please fill out the form on our mortgage quotes page or give us a call on 0800 304 7880.

Quotes rates based on LTV

  • Remortgage deals at 95% LTV
  • Remortgage deals at 90% LTV
  • Remortgage deals at 80% LTV
  • Remortgage deals at 70% LTV
  • Remortgage deals at 60% LTV and below

Quotes based on specific borrower type

  • Buy to let remortgages
  • Shared ownership remortgages
  • Bad credit remortgages
  • Self-employed remortgages

Getting a remortgage quote can be quick and simple for many of our customers, all we need to know is your income, age, property value and loan amount.

Today's best deals:

If you have clean credit and can easily afford the mortgage, then you can get a remortgage quote online and search the tables for today’s best deals. For those with bad credit or more complex income statuses the process is slightly more difficult as you’ll not be sure about which lenders and products you’re actually eligible for. That’s where speaking to an advisor is crucial.



How does LTV affect the mortgage rate?

Lenders base their rates to customers on the cost to them for lending the money, and risk the loan will not be paid back. Therefore if you are borrowing at 90% LTV, the risk of the property not being sold for enough to repay the loan plus costs is higher than at 70% LTV – so the rate is likely to be higher.

There’s far fewer remortgages at 90% LTV, and as a result the range to choose from is limited. This lack of competition also creates higher rates, with the most competitive deals being 75% LTV and below – as this is safer business and covers a lot of the population.

How does borrowing purpose affect the mortgage rate?

The type of remortgage you want also affects which lenders you can choose. For instance, debt consolidation at 90% will only be possible with a few lenders. Borrowing to buy a new property may be limited to 80% LTV with some lenders and 90% with others.  For more info on this see our remortgage guide.

If you're ready to make an enquiry please fill out our quick form below and a self-employed mortgage expert will be in touch ASAP. If you require immediate assistance please give us a call or make apply for a decision in principle.


Updated: 12th July 2018
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Think carefully before securing other debts against your home. As a mortgage is secured against your home, it may be repossessed if you do not keep up with repayments on your mortgage.

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