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Remortgaging property to buy another

5th April 2019

Can you remortgage to buy another house? We are often asked the question, “Can I remortgage my house to buy…

Unencumbered Mortgages

12th July 2018

I Own My House Outright, Can I Remortgage? YES! Remortgaging a property you own outright is certainly possible, and often times…

Remortgage to pay off debt

12th July 2018

Remortgaging to pay off your debts Refinancing debt with a remortgage is a common practice for many of our customers….

Changing mortgages to buy to let

27th February 2019

This article is about changing from a residential to a buy to let mortgage. Click here if you want to…

When is a secured loan better than a remortgage?

12th July 2018

What are secured loans? Secured loans are loans where the lender takes a legal charge over an asset (usually a…

Buy to let remortgage service | Miss Chiba

16th August 2017

Happy customer of Pete’s @ Wizard Finance, remortgaging their buy to let and raising cash for a new investment property……

Buying new property by raising money on property owned outright.

24th January 2019

Buying new property by raising money on property owned outright. Then letting out. Best way to do this. Thanks. Joan…

Should I remortgage my second home?

24th January 2019

Hi Pete. I currently own one fully paid for property and another that still has a mortgage on it. In order…

Finance for solar panels

11th December 2017

So you’re considering an investment into solar panels, and are looking for ways to fund them. Its important to know…