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We’re happy to help – One of our brilliant support team specialists (or the expert advisor themselves) will be in touch ASAP via the phone. Please look out for us and don’t be surprised if an office or mobile number you don’t recognise calls you – it’s just us! Our main phone number is: 0800 304 7880.

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Get credit reports.

Do you have bad credit or are you concerned that you may struggle to find a mortgage that you’re eligible for? Before an adviser gets in touch with you we highly recommend that you get a copy of your free credit report.

These will be a crucial part of the process, and are required so your advisor can match you with the best lender and mortgage deal on the market. All lenders are different and assess credit reports differently – rather than making blind applications the right broker will do their homework first, and reviewing any adverse credit on your file before making an application is paramount to ensuring you have the best chance of approval with the best lenders and the best deals, without damaging your score further.

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We recommend obtaining all 3 reports below, as they each contain different information and every lender will use a different one – to give you the best chance and to allow them to fully research the whole market for you, your advisor needs to know what’s on all 3 of them.

Get your credit rating


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Please Note: For the past several months we have seen record levels of interest and customer enquiries! This is of course great news as we are busy helping more customers than every before. For this reason the specialists we work with are working flat out and waiting times can on occasion increase so please bear with us. In times of exceptionally high demand we will refer your enquiry to our partners at So Switch who will be in touch ASAP. For more info on who we work with check out the meet the experts page here.