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All of the articles you’ll find on this website are collaborations among members of our experienced team. We understand the importance of quality, accuracy and accessibility where written financial content is concerned and have a rigorous process in place to ensure we meet our impeccable standards in these areas.

None of the articles contain financial advice as we work in line with the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) guidelines. Their purpose is to give you the information you need to achieve your mortgage goals, reveal how a mortgage advisor can help you do this, and explain how to find the ideal broker for your needs and circumstances.

How our content is produced

Any piece of content produced on our website goes through a strict and rigorous process to ensure everything is accurate, up to date, in accordance with FCA guidelines and written impartially. This involves a 3 stage process:

  1. Content is produced by our editorial team, led by founder Pete Mugleston.
  2. Further fact-checking takes place by a Mortgage Broker whom we work with; Nathan Porter.
  3. The editorial team approve and sign off ready for content to be published.

We follow strict guidelines to ensure any content is not influenced by any external parties. The editorial team receives no direct compensation from advertisers. Whether you’re reading an article or a review, you can trust that you’re getting credible and dependable information

How we ensure our content is up-to-date

We’re well aware that mortgage lending criteria change over time, new products and lenders enter the market and rates can change at any time. With this in mind, we appreciate the importance of keeping our visitors up to date by updating our articles accordingly.

With the help of our dedicated team, they’ll regularly review all content to identify where updates are needed. This often means our content is updated frequently. Any updates and changes then go through to get fact-checked by qualified Mortgage Brokers.

If you see inaccuracies on our website, please report them via email at [email protected] or for more ways to get in touch, see our contact page

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