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Welcome to OMA®, your new home of UK mortgage leads online!

We’ve been inundated with requests for ages, so decided to put a page up for brokers wanting to buy leads from us – we’ve complied a bit more info into who we are and what we do for mortgage advisors interested in partnering with us.

Thanks for checking us out, make an enquiry and one of the team will get back to you ASAP! (You’re best dropping us a message rather than calling the busy switchboard).

A brief introduction…

In short, we have 10+ years experience as a lifetime partner for over 70 mortgage firms and 300 advisors, with constant development to our marketing, analysis, and distribution platforms that has allowed us to a) hone in on great sources of mortgage customers, and b) match them with experts best placed to help get them an approval.

Whilst the lifetime partnership model works incredibly well, we have closed this offering for new advisors, and all new advisors working with us now do so on OMA®Select (individuals pay as you go), and OMA®Direct (firm level referrals).

Why are OMA® Different?

Unlike traditional “lead generation” firms (and we more consider ourselves a business partner than a lead gen), we’ve grown by generating an amazing amount of revenue share relationships, allowing us to continually optimise and improve triage, filtration and conversions for the best possible customer outcome.

With years of this outcome data under our belt, we are able to make smart decisions about customer journeys and triage. We filter out hoax and poor performing customers, and do all we can to optimise performance with a suite of CRM and system automation tools working diligently in the background. And, as customers are the same regardless of how we are remunerated, this benefits both our lifetime partners and those on pay upfront models.

Thanks to the recent rollout of OMA®EnquiryScore, we are able to grade the likelihood of a customer converting before we refer them, and can grade the pricing according to actual outcome data, so there is always a fair exchange of value.

Type of mortgage leads for sale

We have a variety of customer types available, including home purchase leads, first time buyer leads, buy to let leads, refinance / remortgage leads, bad credit leads and many more. Whilst we grade and price enquiries based on likelihood to get approval, rather than the mortgage type specifically, we do generate certain specialist enquiry types that can of course be filtered according to preferences.

Our customers come pre-qualified by our automated system, built and designed by mortgage brokers to offer the most appropriate level of filtration. We currently filter approximately 30% of inbound enquiries to improve quality and conversions.

Understand our offerings

OMA®Select OMA®Direct
Description Select is an offering of the same quality customers as accessed by our lifetime partners, in exchange for pre-purchased credits. You buy in, take enquiries at your leisure, and top up again later. We also offer a subscription basis for those who want to benefit from greater discounts. Whilst our brokers love the flexibility of drawing customers at will, firms don’t always feel the same way, as this level of freedom can lack consistency and be harder to manage. OMA®Direct caters for firms who’d rather manage a consistent stream of pushed customers, to a company level account, with distribution managed internally.
Who this is for Individual brokers Larger mortgage firms (works best with employed advisors)
How it works Advisors are given login access to our amazing Nurture system, and are notified when a new customer that matches their chosen areas of expertise is available. Advisors view and take exclusive ownership of the customer, first come first served. We agree the volume and criteria for enquiries in advance, and then automatically assign them to a firm-level account in our system. Firms can then either access via a login, or have the enquiries pushed over via secure email, or integrated into systems via API (or Zapier).
What are the costs Select advisors pay a £30 membership fee, and enquiries are priced depending on their EnquiryScore Rating (see below), payment is made for credits in advance. Direct firms pay no membership fees. Enquiries are priced on their EnquiryScore Rating (see below), invoiced at the end of each calendar month.
Is there a minimum trial period? No minimum, and membership can be cancelled at anytime (up to the month end). We recommend firms only proceed with Direct with minimum of 10 enquiries per day, ideally for a minimum of 3 months.
Other benefits Access to OMA® Nurture, Retain, Insights, Academy, the OMA® Broker Community, and Criteria Hub for free Access to OMA® Nurture, Retain, and the OMA® Broker Community if desired


Our algorithm now scores enquiries into one of 7 grades (AAA to CCC), based on numerous data points including LTV, loan amount, readiness, customer niche, income type and multiples etc.

Current pricing is, AAA £55, AA £40, A £30, BBB £15, BB £10, B £5, CCC £5


Are you still offering your revenue share partnership?

No. We have strong relationships with over 100 lifetime partner advisors, and will only be onboarding new advisors to OMA®Select or firms to OMA®Direct, both of which are pay-upfront models.

Is there a minimum spend?

Yes. We advise advisors to begin with at least £1000 or 20 enquiries as a minimum, in order to get a good enough feel for whether our customers are a good fit for you. Any less, and the sample size you’ll work with is just too small to gauge performance.

How long does my credit last?

Currently credits last for 12 months after purchase.

What level of information will we have to understand exactly what we are buying?

With OMA®Filter in place, there will be predefined caps on LTV, loan size, and income multiple, so all enquiries should match. Information available on the customer enquiry record is then: Created date, Enquiry type (customer niche – i.e. general, CCJs, sole/trader etc.), Mortgage purpose (residential, Buy to let, Commercial etc.), Mortgage type (first time buyer, remortgage, home mover etc.), Any adverse credit history (yes/no), income details, LTV, loan amount and property value, customer comments, and various other pieces of niche-dependent information.

Where are the enquiries from?

All enquiries have come to our website and enquired through one of our forms. They either find us through the search engines, social media, or any one of our marketing campaigns.

Is there any pre-qualification / filtering?

Yes 🙂 With our clever automation Filter™, we cut out circa 30% of enquiries to avoid waste and hoax data as much as possible. Customers should include only those who are looking to get a mortgage approved, set a max LTV, and have active phone numbers and email addresses.

What volume of leads is anticipated to be available on a weekly / monthly basis?

This fluctuates based on market conditions and supply:demand. We can increase this depending on broker appetite.

Can we set what times and days we receive enquiries?

We allow firms to determine the day (min 5 days a week), not the time (24hrs). Enquiries coming in overnight will be sent an auto-response email to acknowledge the enquiry and inform them the broker will follow up ASAP. Due to the nature of demand and how underserved these tend to be, weekends (especially Sunday) will be prime time for customers and brokers.

Are enquiries referred out exclusively?

Yes. We won’t create unnecessary competition for brokers – we refer out once, to one broker, on an exclusive basis.

Who owns the customers?

You purchase exclusive access to the customer, to recommend and sell whatever products you see suitable. Those with an element of rev share will of course remain with OMA. Note: Regardless of remuneration, we will always retain client information and maintain a relationship as a duty of care, and customers will always have access to their customer portal etc.

Is there a returns policy?

Yes, we accept invalid numbers on return, and once evidenced / verified, we will deduct from your invoice. We also discount duplicate enquiries, fraud cases, and test/hoax data – Whilst it’s impossible to be 100%, we run a lot of automation to pre-qualify these customers to ensure quality is as good as can be.

Which brokers are eligible to apply?

In order to maintain standards and quality, we will continue to run due diligence with every firm we work with – fully qualified, whole-of-market brokers with proven experience, with OMA values, who sign our broker charter (individuals) and introducer agreement (firms).

Whilst the payment model means we are low-risk in terms of remuneration, we still have a promise to keep, reputation to uphold, and a duty of care to our customers to ensure brokers working with us are at the top of their game. This means that, unlike many lead gen firms, we’re picky about who we work with and strive to offer the same service to customers, regardless of how we are paid.

Brokers must be nice people first and foremost, whilst also being brilliant at what they do. We make no money for additional products recommended on OMA®Select, but to ensure customers get the right advice, we still want to work with brokers who value protection and good financial planning.

How do I apply?

Complete our enquiry form here!



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*Based on our research, the content contained in this article is accurate as of the most recent time of writing. Lender criteria and policies change regularly so speak to one of the advisors we work with to confirm the most accurate up to date information. The information on the site is not tailored advice to each individual reader, and as such does not constitute financial advice. All advisors working with us are fully qualified to provide mortgage advice and work only for firms who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. They will offer any advice specific to you and your needs.

Some types of buy to let mortgages are not regulated by the FCA. Think carefully before securing other debts against your home. As a mortgage is secured against your home, it may be repossessed if you do not keep up with repayments on your mortgage. Equity released from your home will also be secured against it.

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