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Mark Langshaw

Author: Mark Langshaw

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Updated: March 15, 2024

Not all mortgage lenders are accessible on the high street or through a quick Google search. Some of them, in fact, are not accessible to the general public at all.

These mortgage providers work exclusively through mortgage brokers and the deals they offer are sometimes more favourable than comparable ones from mainstream lenders. Potential lower rates is a good reason to explore what these lenders can offer you – but there can be other benefits too.

Here, you’ll learn all about broker-exclusive mortgage lenders, what kind of deals they can offer, how to approach them and much more.

What is a broker-only mortgage lender?

A broker-only mortgage lender, or an intermediary-only mortgage lender, is a mortgage provider who can only be approached through a mortgage broker.

They do not work directly with the general public but can offer exclusive deals to mortgage broker’s customers.

Some of the benefits of using a broker-only mortgage lender include…

  • A wider range of rates, deals and products to choose from
  • Flexible mortgage features, such as uncapped overpayments and longer terms
  • Higher approval chances for complex mortgages, such as when bad credit is present
  • Bespoke advice from the broker arranging the deal

While it’s true that mainstream lenders can also offer low rates, flexible features and mortgage approval for less straightforward customers, having the option of broker-exclusive mortgage providers as well will give you a wider range of options to choose from.

The more rates, deals and products you have access to, the better your chances of securing the mortgage that’s the best fit for you, and your broker will do all of the legwork involved in comparing what high street lenders are offering with their exclusive deals.

Which mortgage lenders are broker-only?

There are many mortgage lenders who only work through intermediaries.

They include…


Accord Mortgages

The Mortgage Lender

Pepper Money



Kent Reliance

Vida Homeloans




Monmouthshire BS


Bluestone Mortgages

Foundation Home Loans

Tandem Bank

The Mortgage Works

BM Solutions (Birmingham Midshires)

Godiva Mortgages


If you apply for your mortgage through a broker, you would have access to every mainstream lender on the market as well as the exclusives listed above and more. This is a significant number of extra options, each with their own product ranges for you to consider.

In addition to these broker-only lenders, some mainstream lenders offer broker-exclusive mortgage deals – i.e. interest rates and products that are specially reserved for customers applying through a mortgage broker.

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What kind of rates and deals do they offer?

Some broker-exclusive mortgage lenders offer lower interest rates than high street mortgage providers.

While this isn’t always the case, your broker will compare the rates they are offered with what’s available through the mainstream and advise you accordingly.

For some customers, flexibility and higher approval chances is important, and while broker-exclusive lenders aren’t always the best bet for this, having access to them increases your chances of landing the perfect mortgage for you due to a wider range of options.

The table below shows how rates from broker-only lenders compare to those of high street mortgage providers.

These figures are for recent fixed and variable rate mortgages.

Mortgage Lender Initial Interest Rate Product Details
Accord Mortgages (broker only) 4.01% 2 year tracker, £1,030 fee, 60% max LTV
Kensington (broker only) 5.45% 5 year fixed, £1,317 fee, 75% max LTV
Precise (broker only) 5% 5 year fixed, £1,020 fee, 75% max LTV
Halifax 4.35% 10 year fixed, £1,099 fee, 60% max LTV
Virgin Money 4.10% 2 year tracker, £1,300 fee, 60% max LTV
Natwest 4.38% 5 year fixed, £1,025 fee, 60% max LTV

Please note that these rates were among the lowest available in February 2023. They are subject to change and have been presented here purely for example purposes.

Although some of the broker-exclusive mortgages above actually have higher rates, additional context is needed to highlight how having access to these lenders increases the level of choice and can help mortgage brokers cater for a wider range of customers.

For example, the deals shown here from Kensington and Precise have lower deposit requirements and don’t require the customer to fix in for as long as the Halifax product.

Moreover, lenders who only work through intermediaries are often better equipped to get borrowers approved for a mortgage under circumstances where a mainstream mortgage provider would either have to offer a much higher rate or decline the application altogether.

This includes scenarios such as the borrower having a history of bad credit.

How to access a broker-only mortgage lender

Mortgage brokers can unlock a wider range of lenders and products for you, and this is just one of the reasons why you should use one if you’re applying for home finance.

While there’s no guarantee everyone will get a better deal through a broker-exclusive mortgage lender, having access to a bigger array of options will increase your chances of mortgage approval and the likelihood of landing the perfect deal for you.

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