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Property Types

How Do You Get a Mortgage for a Prefab House?

23rd October 2019

Prefab homes in the UK are often associated with the prefabricated houses built in the years after the Second World…

Buying a Section 106 property

18th October 2019

We get lots of queries from customers looking to take out a mortgage on a Section 106 property, many of…

Buying a House With Subsidence

18th October 2019

Customers frequently contact us with queries about buying a property with subsidence (or a history of subsidence), and specifically, how…

A Guide to Flat Mortgages

18th October 2019

We get countless queries from customers about mortgages for flats. With more apartments being built, especially in cities where space…

Getting a Mortgage on a Castle

27th September 2019

With programmes such as Escape to the Chateau gracing our screens, the prospect of living happily ever after in a…

Mortgages for Woodland

25th September 2019

In this piece, you’ll learn about mortgages for woodland – what they are, how they work, and what you need…

Mortgages for Ex-Local Authority Properties

10th September 2019

Applying for a mortgage for an ex-local authority property can tend to be more complicated and costly than getting a…

Will I get a Mortgage if my House is Close to a Mineshaft?

10th September 2019

The UK’s mining days left the country with a vast network of abandoned mines nationwide. These old mine shafts continue…

Underpinned Property Mortgages

10th September 2019

‘Subsidence’ describes a process in which the ground underneath a property moves – making the foundations of the building unstable….

Large Acreage Mortgage

10th September 2019

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a home-mover, buying a new property can be exciting. However, it’s also fraught with…