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How we got Ashleigh's mortgage approved!

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Ashleigh Noon

Ashleigh Noon:

I’d lived in my first home for 3 years and my 3 year-fixed mortgage deal was coming to end. I’d also separated from my partner at the time who I’d bought the house with, so not only did I need to find a new deal, but I also needed to remortgage to buy-out them out. As it stood, my current salary wouldn’t have been anywhere near enough to keep the house and buy-out my ex, so I was prepared (but reluctant) to put the house on the market and move out.

Shortly before making that decision I was offered a new job! This was amazing news for me because the new salary meant that reaching the affordability criteria needed to keep my home was more achievable, and it felt like a huge lifeline. Now that I was having to apply for the mortgage alone with single income, any increase in salary was a win! Or so it seemed… But what I didn’t realise was that having a new job and no payslips proving my new salary would be so difficult. No one wanted to take on my application.


"I tried everywhere. I’d exhausted avenues with my bank, my current lender and other sites who claimed they could help ‘everyone’ when actually, they couldn’t. Thankfully, I discovered Online Mortgage Advisor! "

Ashleigh Noon, OMA Customer

I tried everywhere. I’d exhausted avenues with my bank, my current lender and other sites who claimed they could help ‘everyone’ when actually, they couldn’t. Most companies I reached out to didn’t even bother to have a conversation with me and turned me away as soon as they heard about my circumstance. All I had as proof was my new employment contract and one months payslips. Not having ‘proof’ of my new salary was a massive roadblock and one I did not expect.

I filled in their form and desperately hoped they could match me to a broker that was able to help me. It felt like my last chance.

But thankfully, I discovered Online Mortgage Advisor!

Now, the broker I was matched with was very honest and said that most lenders wouldn’t even look at my application without 3 months payslips at my new job, and that she’d have to get back to me with some options. During this short period of time I went into a bit of a panic. I worried about losing my home, I worried about whether or not I’d be able to afford the monthly payments on my own, and I even considered going back to my old job because the lack of payslips seemed to be a bigger problem than the lower salary I was on. I was at breaking point with it.

Ashleigh Noon

Another added stress was that I needed to borrow more against my property to fund the Buy-Out. So here I was applying for a bigger mortgage, on a single income whilst just having moved to a new job. I really thought I was doomed. Emma came back to me later that day with one option, just one. I was so relieved! Her relationships with lenders meant she knew exactly where to look and could discard any lenders that she knew would let me down. And whilst there was only one lender willing to help me, without Online Mortgage Advisor and Emma I’d have never found that one.

Ashleigh's cat Alfie was also happy that they didn't need to move house

Ashleigh's cat Alfie was also happy that they didn't need to move house

My application from there went smoothly. At the end of the process the broker I was matched with charged a small fee which I was more than happy to pay. I’d have paid her anything by that point! She achieved the impossible, and found a lender that no one else seemed to be able to find. Without her and Online Mortgage Advisor I’d have been forced to sell my home, I couldn’t be more thankful.


"Online Mortgage Advisor matched me with a broker, who managed to identify a lender that nobody else could - just one - who could help. Without their help, and the brokers relationships with lenders across the market, I would never have found that one. "

Ashleigh Noon,

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