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Author: Pete Mugleston

Mortgage Advisor, MD

Updated: January 4, 2024

We support causes close to our hearts

With this week being International Day of the African Child, we thought it was no better time to share one of the great causes we support here at Online Mortgage Advisor.

Mercy Handy Uganda are a community-based, non-government organisation who were founded to improve the lives of vulnerable, orphaned and abandoned children in the African country.

Supporting Mercy Hands Uganda, Online Mortgage Advisor raises funds within the company that are sent directly to Uganda, providing much needed support within the community.

Previously, donations were made as one large donation each year, which was accumulated through fundraising projects. Our team decided that we were better at mortgages than fundraising ideas, so we wanted to up our game. From now on, every enquiry generated through our website will result in a ten pence donation to Mercy Hands. The money will not only provide funds to the community that are much needed, but it will also be donated regularly, making the money more readily available to the community.

By making an enquiry through our website, you will not only be looking for a change in your life, but also making a difference in another part of the world.

What has already been achieved?

Mercy Hands was able to complete some much needed school renovations with funds generated by Online Mortgage Advisor. The renovations included an entire new kitchen that needed to be built, as the school would not be able to operate without it. To thank Online Mortgage Advisor, they even painted the building orange to match our brand.

The school had not been open for two years due to Covid-19, but the work on the building has been completed and costs have been covered thanks to the efforts of those out there. Mercy Hands Primary school has now opened in full swing and is providing children in the area with much needed education and support.

This school can now offer these children valuable life skills as well as provide them with food and health care. Giving these children in need the best start in life possible is just one of the goals of this charity.

It will be exciting to see what other projects Mercy Hands plans as we continue to support all the great work they do.

Just some of the Mercy Hands Uganda projects our funding has supported

Just some of the Mercy Hands Uganda projects our funding has supported

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