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The Seriousness of Things Going Wrong

The house move for most people is a life changer.

Moving to get your kids into a better school, to be closer to friends and family (or to be further from friends and family!), getting the dream home and all sorts – for almost everyone, it is incredibly important.

So it’s justified to get REALLY stressed, right?

Who you already are is not going to be damaged by the house move, or it going wrong

Jamie Smart, World Clarity

Who you already are is not going to be damaged by the house move, or it going wrong. Regardless of what happens good or bad, you'll either live next 6 months in a state of wellness and calm, stress, frustration, or fluctuations of all of it - you'll get the experience of your thinking at the time. The thing to remember is that those feelings are just letting you know about your thinking in that moment, and you're going to be OK.

See More About Wellbeing

See More About Wellbeing

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Until recently, I thought I didn't have a chance for my own home because of a bad credit history, I thought that my only option would be share ownership, but after contacting Jenna, it soon turned out that with the specialist help they offer, I will be able to buy my dream home. Thanks to the hard work of people who took care of my case, I got a approved mortgage offer and I will soon move into my own home. Jenna & Gindy you are amazing, thank you.