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Mortgage Applications & Credit Reports

To give your specialist advisor the best chance of finding the right mortgage for you, they’ll need a copy of your credit reports. 

We’ve partnered with the 3 main credit reference agencies (Checkmyfile, UKCreditRatings and Experian) to provide our customers with quick and easy access to their reports. 

We’d recommend getting a report from all 3 as they can be different, and lenders may require different information.

Free for 30 days then £14.99pm – Cancel Anytime

Click here to get your free credit report

Once you’ve received your credit reports, simply upload them safely and securely via our live chat page.  We don’t recommend using email as this might not be secure.

Why does your broker need 3 reports?

  • Every lender in the UK has their own unique criteria regarding who they will accept for a mortgage.
  • Credit reports can determining factor between being accepted for a mortgage and being declined.
  • Having access to all three would give the broker the best chance of finding you a mortgage and the best deals.
  • Looking at your credit reports will allow the mortgage broker to see what the lenders see.

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