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Check your credit score and access your reports quickly and easily by signing up for a free, cancel-anytime trial with our affiliate partners. This page contains affiliate links. Find A Mortgage Online Ltd may receive a commission for qualifying purposes.

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We highly recommend that you get your free credit reports ready before speaking to your advisor. This will give your advisor the best chance to research the whole market for you.

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We’ve partnered with the UK’s leading credit report providers, Checkmyfile and UKCreditRatings, to offer our customers easy access to their credit reports. Both services compile data from the leading credit reference agencies Equifax, Experian and Transunion.

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We suggest obtaining both of the reports below as they each contain different information and every lender will use a different set of criteria.

Free for 14 days then £24.95 per calendar month - includes extra features, such as dark web monitoring, and the option to cancel anytime.

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"Without Online Mortgage Advisor we'd have certainly lost our home"

After a bad credit rating stopped Tamsin’s mortgage application in it’s tracks, see how expert advice helped Tamsin keep her family home, and read other success stories from our customers

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Tamsin Maclellan


You are welcome to sign up for a free trial with both Checkmyfile and UKCreditRatings if you want to see how they compare. The latter is more of a premium service that provides extra features along with your credit report, such as dark web monitoring and access to a perks portal for discounts on goods and services. Both trails can be cancelled at any time.

Both services provide you with a multi-agency credit report that draws in data from the UK’s leading credit reference agencies, Equifax, Experian and Transunion.

It is recommended that you input at least six months’ address history. If you enter any less than this, the credit reference agencies might struggle to present a full picture of your creditworthiness. Keep in mind that there are ways to build up credit quickly if you only have less than six month’s worth of address history.

Two minutes! You sign up for the trial of your choice, key your payment details so they can verify your identity, and then you can log in to view your credit reports online immediately.

You can contact the relevant credit reference agency if you see something inaccurate on your credit files and they can get it removed. If you spot anything suspicious, such as potential fraud, your credit report provider will advise you on the next steps to report the issue. You may want to consider placing any applications for new finance on hold until the matter is resolved.

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