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10 key questions to ask when viewing a house

An estate agent (or homeowner) is legally obliged to inform potential buyers of material information that may affect an average…

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The Essential Moving House Checklist

The process of buying can be tiring, time-consuming and stressful, often triggering more anxiety than starting new jobs or going…

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The many ways a payday loan can ruin your life

What impact does a payday loan have on your life? You’d be amazed! We’ve created an infographic to highlight the…

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How a 2nd Chance Mortgage Can Get You On The Property Ladder

If you’re reading this, the likelihood is that you’re desperate for a mortgage, but have been declined by one or…

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Uninhabitable properties question

Can I get a mortgage on a property with no kitchen? Hi there, I’ve been declined by my bank, they…

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Mortgage myths keep Brits from new home dreams

New typologies unveil reality of getting a mortgage Property-focused Brits see owning a home as the pinnacle of success, with…

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Top Mortgage Hunters That Assume They Won’t Ever Qualify – But Could!

Online Mortgage Advisor connects customers with specialist advisors who have the right experience helping people who have been in similar circumstances. 

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Case Study Success Story: Melissa Evans

Melissa Evans (29) had been living in her rented three bed-roomed house in Stoke-On-Trent for four years, with her partner, their little boy aged three and her step-daughter, 17.

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Case Study Success Story: Ben Link

In February 2017, Ben Link (30) was asked to buy his current home in Cheltenham from his landlord – who had been a close friend of his for 25 years.

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