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Checkmyfile Explained

What is Checkmyfile and are they reliable? Checkmyfile is a UK based service which provides access to credit reports using...

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8 Ways to Prepare for a Mortgage Application While on Coronavirus Lockdown

The COVID-19 lockdown measures have forced many to put their mortgage plans on hold. Estate agents have closed their doors...

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2020 Projection: The Housing Market will Rely on the Wider Economy and Employment

2019 was a year of political turmoil, especially here in the UK. To assess how last year’s events will affect...

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Coronavirus and UK Mortgages. Updated 04/03/21

UPDATED 04/03/21 The coronavirus pandemic has plunged Britain into uncertainty and the financial lives of many have been impacted. Help...

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Online Mortgage Advisor’s Managing Director is up for a Prestigious Award

We’re delighted to announce that Online Mortgage Advisor’s managing director, Pete Mugleston, has made the final shortlist for the 2020 British...

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Online Mortgage Advisor Charity Awards 2020 – The Winners!

After an incredible evening at our annual Charity Awards last week, we’re proud to announce all of the winners from...

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Footy 100: How many Homes can a Footballer Buy?

We’re used to hearing about the people who can’t afford to buy their own homes, but what about those on...

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How High is the Flood Risk to Your Home?

Are MPs in the areas under threat in favour of climate change legislation? Climate change and flood risks have always...

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How The Football Wanderer Could Get a Mortgage Without a Deposit

When NFL superfan Jacob Barnor, AKA The Football Wanderer, embarked on a dream trip to the USA to watch all...

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Bankrupt Katie Price Could Still Have Mortgage Options

Katie Price was declared bankrupt this week. This came following the former model and TV personality failing to keep up with...

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What Impact Will the Next PM Have on House Prices?

Are Conservative or Labour PMs Better for the Housing Market? With the 12th December general election looming, and the country...

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Our journey to reaching 100,000 customers helped

Over the past 7 years, we’ve helped 100,000 customers get the right advice. We’re delighted to have been a part...

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