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Can I use goodwill payments from my business for a mortgage?

Hi Pete, I’ve got a very complicated set of accounts as a result of changing from a partnership to a…

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Can I borrow using my most recent accounting figures?

Hi, I’ve been reading through the articles regarding using your most recent accounts to obtain a mortgage and wondered if…

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Can I get a mortgage if I’ve been repossessed and have a new business?

Dear Pete, I’ve been reading the articles on the site and have a very complicated case! My house was repossessed…

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Budget 2017: The curious case of the forgotten housing market

Despite the Government recently dubbing Britain’s housing market ‘broken’, the Chancellor didn’t use his Budget to help fix it. Yesterday’s…

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Is flat pack property the answer to our housing shortage?

Initially introduced to combat the housing crisis after WWII, modular housing is slowly finding its way back into the UK…

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How can we fix our broken housing market?

The government has announced bold new plans to fix the broken housing market and build more homes across England. A…

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The Connected Home

Imagine arriving home after a long day to a warm, safe home with a hot bath waiting for you and…

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Don’t panic over buy-to-let headlines!

If you’re a landlord or you want to buy a property to let out, you might be spooked by the…

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Fancy letting your home on Airbnb? Read up on the rules first

Home sharing website Airbnb has finally bowed to pressure and promised to crack down on London landlords breaking council rules…

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