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Avoidable things that can reduce the value of your house

We all know that every house has a value that is based on a variety of factors. Starting from the…

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Why helping older homeowners to downsize could improve the housing crisis

A think tank has recommended for both the mortgage industry and the government to do more to help older homeowners…

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What are the most common first-time buyer mistakes and how do you avoid them?

Buying a house is a huge deal. More than likely, it will be the biggest purchase in your lifetime. Sweeping…

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Repossession rate drops to lowest level since 1980

The number of UK repossessions fell to just 4,580 in 2018, the lowest amount since 1980. This result, revealed by…

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9 reasons why your mortgage application could be slowed down (and how to avoid them)

If you’re applying for a mortgage, you’re most likely buried under a mountain of paperwork as you try to find…

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How to pay for care costs with out selling your home

Care can be a substantial cost for the elderly and their families. Many people who own a property worry that…

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The 100% mortgage returns – but it’s not the product of old

Lloyds Bank launched a 100% mortgage for first-time buyers this week, bringing back bad memories of risky pre-credit crunch lending….

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OMA Charity Awards 2019 – The results!

Last Friday we held the annual OMA charity awards, celebrating all the hard work put in by our brokers to…

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What to do when you become an accidental landlord

A recent survey conducted by estate agency, YourMove, with 1,071 landlords across the UK revealed nearly half are ‘pension pot’…

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