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Third Party Referrals – The best £ per hour action you can take

Top Advisor Levels: Everyone!
Minimum Expected Levels: Everyone!

There are no benchmarks for this as currently, not many brokers are recording referrals on SF. The premise is that its FAR EASIER to sell an extra product to someone whom you’ve already sorted a mortgage, than find a new mortgage client. In a similar way to insurance penetration, other products boost the case size and overall revenue, for very little effort.

Work Smart

What is your £per hour in this job? If you just sell a mortgage to every client, probably very low.

More if you add a client fee. More if you add insurance. Asking a simple question and referring someone to a third party takes about a minute, and is likely the biggest £ per hour action you can take as a mortgage advisor. Put referrals at the top of your list, not the bottom.


Customers Already Need Referring, Just DO IT!

The firms with the best processes utilise every sale possible from each client they do business with, and the individuals making the most from their time eek every sale they can. Remember that you’re not pushing products, customers will want, need, and likely be taking everything you could recommend, whether through you or not – they might as well use you!

Find trusted partners, build great relationships, and use referrals to not only boost your turnover but become a core part of it.



Which Referrals Can You Make?

The biggest quick-wins you could do something about today are:

  • Solicitor referrals (e-conveyancer or trusted local firm)
  • Secured loan referrals (if not done in house)
  • Home move services
  • Home insurance (if not done in house)
  • Utilities
  • Pension / investment reviews
  • Will writing reviews