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Updated: March 18, 2024

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March 18, 2024

Although every mortgage lender is different in terms of the type of self-employed income they’ll accept and how they want this evidenced, most use full accounts or references and will require the applicant’s accountant to have certain credentials.

In this article, we’ll clear up any confusion about which qualifications your accountant will need to have to support your mortgage application.

What qualifications should my accountant have to support my mortgage application?

An accountant can only vouch for your creditworthiness for a mortgage application if they have a recognised qualification under their belt. In terms of what mortgage lenders accept, Chartered and Certified Accountants certificates are industry standard.

Other recognised credentials include Institute of Financial Accountants, Association of Accounting Technicians, Association of Authorised Public Accountants, Association of International Accountants and Association of Taxation Technicians.

We’ve created this table detailing the main bodies and qualifications allowed by most lenders…

Institute Accountancy body Qualifications accepted
I.C.A.E.W Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales A.C.AF.C.A
I.C.A.S Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland C.A (Chartered Accountant) A.C.A.SF.C.A.S
I.C.A.I Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland, also known as Chartered Accountants Ireland C.A (Chartered Accountant)
A.C.C.A Including Subsidiary A.A.P.A Association of Chartered Certified Accountants Association of Authorised Public Accountants A.C.C.AF.C.C.AA.A.P.AF.A.P.A
C.I.M.A Chartered Institute of Management Accountants A.C.M.AF.C.M.A
CPAuk Certified Public Accountants Association A.C.P.AF.C.P.A
A.A.T Association of Accounting Technicians M.A.A.TF.M.A.A.T
C.I.P.F.A Chartered Institute of Public Finance & Accountancy C.P.F.A
C.I.O.T Chartered Institute of Taxation C.T.A (Fellow)F.T.I.I (Fellow)C.T.A A.T.I.I
I.F.A Institute of Financial Accountants A.F.A (Associate) F.F.A (Fellow)

How to Get an Accountant’s Certificate for A Mortgage Application

If you’ve been self-employed for a number of years then it’s highly likely you already have an accountant who takes care of all your financial affairs. If so, and they fall under one or more of the accountancy bodies listed above then you should be able to speak directly with them regarding the information you would need for your mortgage application. 

If you don’t then you can make an enquiry with us and we’ll arrange for a mortgage broker we work with to speak directly with you who will be able to help you through the mortgage application requirements, specifically: 

  • Identify an appropriate accountant who can provide the certificate 
  • Provide the relevant financial information needed for the mortgage lender’s eligibility criteria – mainly this would be proof/confirmation of your annual earnings (which is what an accountant’s certificate does)
  • Gather all other documentary evidence and paperwork including the accountant’s certificate

Why You Need an Accountant’s Certificate for a Mortgage Application

An accountant’s certificate is written confirmation – from an independent and qualified entity – that the amount of income you’ve stated you earn on your application is correct for the purposes of getting the mortgage borrowing you need.

This provides the appropriate reassurance mortgage lenders need that you will be able to comfortably afford the monthly repayments throughout the term of the home loan.

Which Accountant Can Certify Accounts for A Mortgage Application?

Any accountant who falls under the governing bodies listed above should be sufficiently qualified to provide the certification required and satisfy the mortgage lender’s application requirements.

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