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Mortgages and Furlough: How to get a mortgage after being on furlough. Read more Chevron

Mortgage on Benefits

May 7, 2021 In this article, we’ll be discussing how to get a mortgage if you’re on benefits in more depth. UPDATE 22/01/2021: Many...

95% LTV Mortgage Rates and Deals

May 5, 2021 Everything you need to know about the rates and deals on offer for 5% deposit mortgages

How to Get a 5% Deposit Mortgage With Bad Credit

Looking for a 95% LTV mortgage with bad credit? The right mortgage broker can boost your chances of approval dramatically.

95% LTV Mortgage Lenders

May 4, 2021 How to find a mortgage lender who offers 95% loan-to-value deals.

95% LTV Mortgages for second time buyers

Looking for a 5% deposit or 95% LTV mortgage as a second-time buyer?

5% Deposit Mortgages for First-Time Buyers

Looking for the best mortgages for first-time buyers with 5% deposit? The experts we work with can help you find the perfect deal for you

95% LTV Shared Ownership Mortgages

Everything you need to know about getting a Shared Ownership mortgage with 5% deposit.

Cryptocurrency and Mortgages

April 7, 2021 Looking to use Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency to get onto the property ladder? The experts we work with can offer you the right advice on this niche area of lending.

Government Schemes for 5% Deposit Mortgages

Which government schemes can help you get a mortgage with 5% deposit? The experts we work with have the answers you need.

5% Deposit Mortgages in Scotland

Everything you need to know about 5% deposit mortgages in Scotland and how to get one.

What to do if You’ve had a Nationwide Building Society Mortgage Application Declined

March 11, 2021 Like most high street lenders, Nationwide usually refuses to offer mortgages to anyone who doesn’t fit their criteria. But if they’ve turned you down for a ...

What to do if You’ve had a Santander Mortgage Application Declined

March 10, 2021 If Santander have just rejected your mortgage application it can feel like a crushing blow, but being declined by one lender is by no means the end of your home...

What To Do If You’ve Had A Mortgage Declined By Skipton Building Society

March 9, 2021 Like all UK building societies, Skipton will decline mortgage applications that fall outside of their standard lending criteria. If you approached them for a mo...

Low-Deposit mortgage scheme has launched! 🎉

Small deposit? No problem!

The new mortgage guarantee scheme has brought 5% deposit mortgages back with a bang.

Not all lenders offer them yet, but a specialist broker can help you find one.

Get started with the broker to find the best 5% deposit deals

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