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Can’t Get a Mortgage? Here’s What To Do Next…

November 20, 2020

Money doesn’t grow on trees and neither do mortgages. Finance to buy a property isn’t always the easiest thing to […]

Lying On a Mortgage Application

November 18, 2020

Many people feel the need to lie on a mortgage application because they wrongly believe it’s the only way they […]

7 Things That Can Stop You From Getting a Mortgage

If you’re planning to apply for a mortgage, it pays to be prepared for the potential roadblocks you can hit […]

What To Do If You’ve Had a Mortgage Offer Withdrawn

Mortgage offers can be withdrawn by lenders at pretty much any time, even if you’ve exchanged contracts or reached the […]

Remortgaging to Buy Another Property

November 16, 2020

Can you remortgage to buy another house?

Who can be a guarantor?

June 26, 2020

Usually the guarantor on a mortgage is required to have some form of family tie. This is because the lender […]

What are the alternatives to having a guarantor?

If you don’t have a suitable guarantor or this type of mortgage is not for you, then there may be […]

How much can I borrow on a guarantor mortgage

How guarantor mortgage affordability works: The whole process of applying and qualifying for a guarantor mortgage is often not as […]

Guarantor mortgage calculator

Jump to our calculator journey to establish what you can afford, the costs and which of the best deals you’ll […]

Different types of guarantor mortgage

There are two main types of guarantor, whole loan guarantors and shortfall guarantors. Every lender is different in the criteria […]

Repairing and Building your Credit for a Mortgage

June 22, 2020

The following tips on how to improve credit score are based on the personal opinions and experience of the bad […]

Best tracker mortgage rates

June 18, 2020

Want the best tracker rate? Check out the top 10 in the whole market below… Want to see what else […]

Best remortgage rates

Looking for the best remortgage deal? Check out the top 10 in the whole market below… Want to see what […]