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By Lucy James  | Content Editor

Updated: 26th June 2019 *

£20k + mortgage cost tables

We receive a lot of questions from customers asking 'how much to borrow £20 000' or 'I want to borrow £20000 on a mortgage, what will it cost?' and they regularly like to know the differences over varying rates and terms. So I decided as a guide, to create the following mortgage payment tables.

Scroll down to see the monthly cost of a £20000+ mortgages, across a range of terms and rates from 3% to 5%. These are helpful for our customers looking to get an idea of what they can afford in terms of monthly outgoing, when term increases or decreases, to help with budgeting etc. There are mortgage calculators available, however its sometimes useful to view the values from the whole range side by side for comparison.

These show payments on £20000 mortgages and upwards all the way to 30 000 over different terms, for the following rates:

3% 15yr 20yr 25yr 30yr
20000 £138.12 £110.92 £94.84 £84.32
21000 £145.02 £116.47 £99.58 £88.54
22000 £151.93 £122.01 £104.33 £92.75
23000 £158.83 £127.56 £109.07 £96.97
24000 £165.74 £133.10 £113.81 £101.18
25000 £172.65 £138.65 £118.55 £105.40
26000 £179.55 £144.20 £123.29 £109.62
27000 £186.46 £149.74 £128.04 £113.83
28000 £193.36 £155.29 £132.78 £118.05
29000 £200.27 £160.83 £137.52 £122.27

4% 15yr 20yr 25yr 30yr
20000 £147.94 £121.20 £105.57 £95.48
21000 £155.33 £127.26 £110.85 £100.26
22000 £162.73 £133.32 £116.12 £105.03
23000 £170.13 £139.38 £121.40 £109.81
24000 £177.53 £145.44 £126.68 £114.58
25000 £184.92 £151.50 £131.96 £119.35
26000 £192.32 £157.55 £137.24 £124.13
27000 £199.72 £163.61 £142.52 £128.90
28000 £207.11 £169.67 £147.79 £133.68
29000 £214.51 £175.73 £153.07 £138.45

5% 15yr 20yr 25yr 30yr
20000 £158.16 £131.99 £116.92 £107.36
21000 £166.07 £138.59 £122.76 £112.73
22000 £173.97 £145.19 £128.61 £118.10
23000 £181.88 £151.79 £134.46 £123.47
24000 £189.79 £158.39 £140.30 £128.84
25000 £197.70 £164.99 £146.15 £134.21
26000 £205.61 £171.59 £151.99 £139.57
27000 £213.51 £178.19 £157.84 £144.94
28000 £221.42 £184.79 £163.69 £150.31
29000 £229.33 £191.39 £169.53 £155.68

Bare in mind that the terms and rates in the above table are just examples and you may well be able to find a better rate or a different repayment term to suit your circumstances.

Cost of 20000 on a personal loan

Personal loans are usually available up to £25,000 with a maximum 7 year term, on varying rates from as low as 5% up to 50% depending on your credit score.

Cost of 20000 on a secured loan

Secured loans tend to have higher repayment rates than mortgages, but still competitive when compared to some of the higher rate personal loans. A personal loan may be favourable for those who have lower credit scores and equity in their homes, because the risk to a lender is lower so the rates tend to be much more affordable. If you're undecided, or if you would like some no-obligation, free advice regarding the ins and outs of getting a loan instead of a mortgage then please do get in touch with us. We can help you out either way.

Best mortgages for £20000

View our sourcing table here for the latest rates and deals. It's professional, live, and contains every mortgage available in the UK from the whole of the market. Just be sure to change the mortgage value at the top from the default value to the actual required mortgage amount e.g. £25000. You can then go as deep and as specific as you like with the rest of the criteria. If you have landed on this page looking for £20000 deposit mortgages, the mortgage sourcing engine below will also be helpful and you can specify the deposit amount.

If you struggle to understand any of the information contained within the table don't worry, just fill out an enquiry form (enquiry form here) and I will do my best to explain it in plain English. Also, if you aren't happy with the rates that are showing within these tables, or if you're struggling to find a mortgage full-stop, it may we worth getting in touch with us as an experienced broker will understand the nuances of individual lenders and may be able to find you something better.

Once you've found a mortgage you would like to find out more about just click the "enquire" button and submit.

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Updated: 26th June 2019
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